Thursday, January 04, 2007

*_* It's 2007! *_*

Horrible downpour out there now, when it's almost knock off time. Damn!
Well well, I started this blog, but is seriously so not into it. Hah! The first and only short post I wrote is in LAST YEAR--2006... Well, it's just the beginning of 2007 only... Such a tiring day... So bored... Hmmm, think it's easier to include lotsa photos and lesser writings, since i'm never quite good at writing anyway. Shall have to find time to upload ALL my photos starting from few years ago when I started taking photos with a DIGITAL camera... Bah..... Maybe soon, I'll have the time and the mood to do so... Blah blah blah... Duh... So in the meantime, it's gonna all just be cute little pictures ya... kekeke


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