Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Relaxing for more than a Week.... ^o^

Time really pass so fast when ya doing 'nothing' ya.... hehee.... I've left my last job since last Monday, been to about 3 interviews, another 3 more coming up.... Having rather mixed feelings rite now.... On one hand, I'm appreciating and enjoying the period now, of not having to go to work, but start panicking as days goes by without having found a new job yet.... I actually had an offer, to be a recruitment consultant, but tot over it, it's not exactly want i wanna do so better not hastily go into it... Just have to take some more time to really search for a job that i would seriously worked on for long... It's just so tiring to keep switching jobs... 5 jobs in the past 5yrs plus, doesn't sound too nice ya... What to do? Sigh, all because of my own mistakes and impulsive decisions... So right now, I'm gonna take my time to really look for what I want... The most, no money, no shopping lo... LOL... Well anyway, I can sorta do without shopping for awhile, not as if i'm a shoppaholic... ;p Well, right now I only hope to be blessed with the luck to find a good job... BLESS ME! =DOh, by the way, I haven't spoken a WORD to my sister since the last time I blogged on 12 Jan about 'the issue'... Dunno why, but I just couldn't brinng myself to speak to her yet.... Guess neither does she..... -_-'


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