Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Going The Distance"

Caught this show earlier (like finally!!!) and thanks to "kind" Beng who didn't mind watching this romantic-comedy flick with me!!! =D Watching this show, makes me thought of something... Here we are, complaining about the expensive cab fares and time taken to travel e.g. from Changi to Serangoon or Jurong West to Sengkang etc, for our bf/gf...... -_-" Well, i've been through a L-D-R too... It's really very difficult, really... And well, it didn't work out... But anyways, that guy was a total selfish jerk... *roll eyes* Alright, enuff said... Whatever it is, we all just have to learn to cherish, appreciate and be thankful of whatever good stuffs that we are being blessed with... Be happy ppl! Have losta fun!!! Afterall, life's too short to be grouchy all the time! *smile* =)

It's gonna be totally busy weeks ahead for me... and it starts from tmr... But busy with happy stuffs... And that's the best busy-ness to have!!! Life's great, especially when you have a great family and fantastic, sincere friends around you! *Love Life* Cheers!


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