Tuesday, August 10, 2010

1st 3D Movie Experience - The Last Airbender

Went to watch The Last Airbender earlier at GV-Bishan.. K insisted on watching it in 3D (thou' reviews are that it's not worth), so we booked tix for the 3D show! This is actually my FIRST TIME, yes, FIRST TIME in my adult-life, watching a 3D movie on the BIG screen!!! Was pretty excited thou'... =D

Okay, turns out, 3D show was reali not bad lor!! But too bad, this show doens't have much scenes with graphical effect and all that (like that of Avatar etc), so most of the time, it's just that you're seeing the people and things in a "larger & nearer to you" version.

Overall, this show is good.. And i'm sure there'll be the sequels coming out soon, hopefully not having to wait too long, like "Storm Riders" (approx. 10yrs)... LOL!!!

Okay, I will definitely go watch another 3D movie, but haven't really decide which is a more worthy one thou'... Any suggestions pls???


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