Monday, October 18, 2010

Why am I so lazy?!?!?

Why does it seem like i never have enough time to do SOOOOO many things??? I guess a big part could be that I'm lazy??? Or simply a slacker?!?!?! LOL....

Aiyo, i really have like alot alot of "unfinished" stuffs but simply shelving them all the time!!!! And in another few hrs time, i've to be up for work!!! =[

But I'm so glued to the desk & chair and typing away on my blog while uploading pictures from my birthday celebrations onto my facebook, and watching S.A.T.C at the same time!!! How "multi-tasking" can I get! =p

Okay, i'm freaking out... I'm feeling so damn hungry right now!!! It feels so shitty you know.. To keep wanting to eat, then eat alot alot alot and then get so worried about the extra pounds i'm (oredi) putting on!!! And to make things worst, my appetite just keeps GROWING.. REALLY!!! And THIS IS serious!!! =/

Alrightey, nevermind... Let's just not worry too much now and I should just get to SLEEP!!!!! And I better hope I can get up earlier tmr (which I strongly doubt so...) so that I will get to work on time!!

Anyways, it's another busy week ahead, outings from Mon-Wed and Thu gotta packed for the 3D2N Bkk trip from Fri-Sun!! I'm gonna shop as much as I can, so that when I go Taipei next month, I won't be tempted to spend too much!!! Muahahahaaa....

Sighhhhh.... Kinda tired sometimes cos like forever not enough rest... BUT other than NOT having enough rest & TIME, what more can I ask for rite, since I'm having so much fun rite now!! Cheers & goodnitey!!! ;)


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