Friday, October 10, 2008

Birthday Celebrations!!!


Got to know this sweet babe, Nora and a few friendly guys, Damian & Seero (dunno what’s the correct spelling) at Fashion Bar, where me & my girlfriends are at…. After that we all proceeded to Attica for another round of drinks! So sweet of Nora to buy my Lychee Martinis and the guys to buy me B52 shots cos of my Birthday… Thanks babe and guys!!! Was super great to know you all and totally have lotsa fun!!!! Cheers!!! :)

30 September 2008 - At Attica

30 September 2008 - Me & Ms Tong's Birthday Celebrations with the gals at INDULGZ!

Had always wanted to try the food there after reading several reviews about the place and the food. Finally, we went, for me & Ms Tong's bday celebration... (2 days late for Ms Tong $ 1 week earlier for mine... keke...) So touched, all the gals managed to reach on time (finally.... :p) and they bought us a lovely delicious vanilla ice-cream cake from Swensens!! Thanks babes!!!

Verdict of Indulgz:

Food was good, especially the Crab Chowder (but not the homemade breadstick thou') and Chicken Bolognaise Melted Cheese Fries. For the main course, I had the Slipper Lobster & Scallop Platter. Nice! But not filling enough for me!! Haha..

Lucky I had the soup & fries, plus the vanilla ice-cream cake after that and it feels just nice!Except the service that was pretty slow, maybe also because there's only like 1 server around the restaurant at one point of time... Overall, still recommendable! (",)


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