Monday, July 12, 2010

S'pore Blog Awards 2010 - 10 July

Attended the Singapore Blog Awards, that is held at St James Movida, for the first time!!! Brought Ms PL, who is free to company me, to the event together... Registration starts from 4pm onwards and by right supposed to meet Ms PL at 410pm outside St James, but end up both were late... I reached ard 420 & Ms PL only reached at 440pm!! She was so late.... becos her friend called her at a last minute notice to visit Universal Studio!!! Poor PL. went in for only about an hour, took one ride only and have to rushed out to meet me... LOL...

And so we went in... The place wasn't as crowded or packed as I expected... But ppl were still coming in at that time....

I have no idea who the host was (sorry), but she was reali great... So fluent in both English and Mandarin & she has really done a great job for the event!!!

Silver Ang and several others who were nominated for the best modelling blog: Bong Qiu Qiu, Kanny Theng, Yutaki, etc, were there for the event... I think only Ms XS didn't turn up?!?!?!? =p
Silver kept everyone entertained by performing a couple of songs!!! She sang really well and she was really sweet & friendly.... There was this contest going on where each of us were give 3 "Like" stickers at the entrance & the selected few "finalist" would walk ard for us to choose whether to "Like" them or not... Our only choice, Silver Ang, cos she's definitely the most outstanding of them all... We asked her to take photos with us and she gladly obliged... So nice of her... =)

And guess what, the INFAMOUS Steven Lim was there too & somehow one of the finalist & went ard the whole place "PULLING" for votes... Duhzzzz... During the event, he was standing infront of me & PL and we were rather "irritated" by him already.... He was with these 3 gals, who rather looks like Chinese Nationals, and my friend overheard him saying to the 3 of them in mandarin: "Hey, you 3 are here to support me right, so you stick all your "Like" stickers on me lah"!!! It's so damn OMG lor!!!!! *rolls eyes & faints* But looking at his actions, the way he behaved & talked, one word "hilarious"!!! LOL LOL LOL LOL

Oh ya, heard that Ris Low was present at the event too.... But too bad never see her... And no wonder Silver, while on stage, mentioned something about her "boomz hairdo"!!! Hahahahahaha...

Anyways, didn't take much photo with PL as we were busy standing at a corner & watching the event.... But when the main awards were given out already, ppl start dispersing or going for breaks, so we managed to sit down for a little rest & took a couple of shots... My sister's cam is so so so bright that taking pic at near distance creates this "too-bright" effect... But we liked it anyways cos it makes our "flaws hidden", esp for me, when you compare my above pics with Silver... LOLxxx
Overall, it was quite a great experience for both me & PL.... We definitely won't mind attending next year's SBA again!!! =)


At 9:37 PM, July 12, 2010 , Anonymous mschorlor said...

got ris low was on stage
the one wearing the white bling bling dress who won the bling contest

At 10:19 AM, July 13, 2010 , Blogger TaMy said...

mschorlor: I saw the few finalist of the "bling contest" on stage, but couldn't recognise that anyone of that was RIS LOW!!! LOL...


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