Thursday, October 21, 2010

First ever PCS Conf. 2010 outstation - BKK

At this same time 24hrs later, i had BETTER be asleep as I've to be up by ard 450am to get ready to proceed to the airport to ZOOT off to Bangkok, for our FIRST EVER overseas conference. Well, 3D2N short getaway with conference on Saturday itself.

I worked SO hard to plan, organise and coordinate this whole trip so I DEMAND for more time-off for myself in BKK, to INDULGE in shopping, eating, mani/pedi, massages & hair services! Afterall, I totally deserve it! Mwahahahahahaha!!!
Okay, our trip includes a Team dinner at one of the local-touristy-seafood-restaurant and thou' the food is probably nothing compared to the seafood I had during my trip to BKK last year (as shown in the below pic), but I'm sure it wouldn't be too bad either (hopefully)... -_-"

Oh and I reali miss the Coca there!!! And the Tom Yam Kung!!! Yummy yummy!!! Gosh I'm so almost gonna salivate all over the laptop keyboard while writing this post! =p
And lastly, NOT forgetting to booze, booze, booze!!! It's a holiday right, so gotta relax & enjoy!!!!
Gosh!!! I'm feeling so so so so tired right now!! Just finished packing abit of the stuffs for the trip.. I should've started packing earlier but I ended up sorting/packing stuffs for next Saturday's flea market! And YES, the flea market at SCAPE Youth Park that is happening NEXT SAT 30th Oct from noon onwards! I've signed up for a booth, to share wif my cousie who just got married & is trying to 'clear away some new but unwanted stuffs', while I, am trying to 'clear away some impulsively bought or ill-fitted stuffs' and most importantly, to go there and have fun! LOLx!

Ok, more details of the flea market (like what exactly you'll find at our booth etc...) when I'm back from Bangkok after Sunday. Right now I just needa go SLEEP cos i've a very-busy-work-day later!
Till then.... Gdnite & have a happy week! Cheers! =D


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