Thursday, September 29, 2011

海派甜心爱 & 醉后决定爱上你 & 阳光天使

A very outdated post... Didn't seemed to be able to get down to completing this entry...

Couple of months back I was pretty busy watching these 3 TW drama.. Yes, I know I'm so outdated for "Hi, my sweetheart", but it's still a definite worth-to-watch drama!!! SO nice can!! Actually I feel like watching it again.... =D

The drama "Love You", the storyline is damn superb!!! What a cute love story!!! Still feels so into the show even thou' it's oredi finished for awhile already... Maybe I should find some time to watch it again?? ;)

As for "Sunshine Gal", the storyline's not too bad, thou' not fantastic... But with Rainie Yang and WU SHUN (!!!!) in the show, it's definitely worth taking the time to watch!! =P

Anyways, sharing below, the nice songs from the shows.....


HEART the storyline, Rainie Yang, Show Luo and the song in the show!!!!

TOTALLY HEART the storyline, Rainie Yang, Joseph Chang and definitely the songs!!!!

HEART Rainie Yang, the songs in the show and TOTALLY HEART Wu Zhun!!!


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