Monday, December 26, 2011

♥♥♥ P.r.a.d.a ♥♥♥

"I love shopping... I love brands... But I only spend what I can afford....."

I only own a few branded items.. I love PRADA, but couldn't bear to part with too much $$ to get a bag... So i only own a few smaller items... The small drawstring pouch was a gift from my Godma and the wallet, it was my FIRST Prada, a gift to myself with my first paycheck from my temp job I had after O Levels!

The new blue wristlet is this year's X'mas gift from Ms P... She was reali generous this year... She got Prada items for 5 of us!!! Happy much... She actually got me the same pouch but pink color, but since I oredi had a pouch, she told me to go ahead and change it for other item I like... =D Thou the pouch and wallet are old already (past a decade old), they're still really good to use... The pouch is my "lunch bag" and wallet, I'm still using it everyday... Couldn't bear to use the new wristlet yet thou', probably gonna keep till CNY... =)

Went to the Prada at MBS.... Happy with the Prada item changed... Anyways, X'mas is over, long holiday has ended... But looking fwd to new year's long holiday... Got alot of X'mas pressies this year, but given out alot more too!! I love X'mas becos it's the season for giving... For sharing love & joy with family & friends... all y love ones.... I feel blessed... Heart them all....

Okay, gotta really get down to finishing up my Marcomms assignment which I die die have to submit by tmr evening... =( Good luck to me....

"Sometimes, I wish I could try this someday...."


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