Saturday, June 28, 2014

"I Support Pink" - Pink Dot 28 June'14

No I did not go for the Pink Dot event, but I support Pink. Why? Cos my sister is a Butch, I have a relative who is a Transgender, I have close buddies who are Gay or Lesbian. But so? I love them all the same. And in fact, they are actually more awesome and of great character, better than many other "straight people" I know of.

No matter what preference you have, how you are like, we are family and we will stick together and support you. No matter how the society look at someone like you, we accept you for who you are and love you all the same. This goes the same for my "pink" frens too. True family and frens accept one another no matter how/what differences there are. Brace up, our world and our lives will still be a wonderful one, no matter what.

~ Peace


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