Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Butterfly Tattoo (an excerpt)

About Butterfly Tattoos
(an excerpt from Princess Winnilicious blog)
Butterfly Tattoos are trendy with Men And Women for their distinctive ability to represent grace, beauty, and fragility with an almost magical quality. Butterfly tattoo designs come in all shapes and sizes with varied color schemes, ranging from two-tones to highly colored. They are liked by virtually everyone for their uniqueness and striking colors, which are undeniably gorgeous.

Butterfly Tattoos represent change
The Butterfly tattoo symbolizes metamorphosis, rebirth, and magic and are one of the most chosen designs in recent years. Butterfly tattoos can be tattooed as arm bands, lower back pieces, on ankles, shoulders, the upper back area, chest or just about anywhere. Due to the huge assortment of actual butterflies and their distinct colorations, it can take quite some time to pick out 'the perfect' butterfly image from the vast number of butterfly tattoo designs available. Very many people choose butterfly tattoos because they've undergone a transformative experience or as a symbol and reminder of their own life path.

Was reading Princess Winnilicious's blog and came across this entry that is about Butterfly Tattoos... Didn't know there was so much meaning to it... Guess I'd made the bestest choice ya... (",)

I LOVE my tattoo!!!
One of the picture taken during the process of the tattoo
(yeah, i know there's like a layer of my fats showing in this pic... duh...)

End Product (it's swollen and a little red... but so nice....) This picture was taken awhile after I did my tattoo. No more swelling, no more redness and the 'peeling' process is way over, so the tattoo looks clearer and shiny
Honestly, I think it's really pretty....... hehee.... i simply love it!!! Think I did this tattoo sometime like 4 years ago, in Bangkok... The tattoo artist is real skillful, he's really good.. He did such a good job! Sadly, this is my very first and my very last tattoo.... *sob sob* I wanted to do an extension/new tattoo, but 'someone' will KILL me if I did............. :(

Experience: A very good one, probably cos' it wasn't pain like I had expected it to be... The area on your body which you choose to do it makes a very big difference too... Like for me, the area I chose is sorta quite fleshy, so I don't feel much pain, except a little ticklish.. But overall, it's just the back aching from sitting in that position for like dunno how many hrs! I am totally glad I made the choice to do it... :)


At 1:25 AM, October 25, 2008 , Anonymous Winnilicious said...

Your butterfly very the big lor.


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