Sunday, May 03, 2009

Outing with BFF(s)... To celebrate Jolene's "18 (again)" Birthday!!

30 April 2009 - Jolene's Birthday Celebration!!

Firstly, we met up for dinner at CENTRAL, MR CURRY...

Birthday Gal Jolene!!! Looking so radiant and happy!

Elin and Miki... so 'innovative' and cute to think about posing with the plates lor.. as if they are advertising for the plate (or the restaurant??)
"Ms Liew & Ms Tong" - 2 vainpots! posing like they are 'lovers' taking photo for watch advert... damn buey tahan the 2 of them lor....
The server said we have to at least order 1 item from their dessert menu before we can take our own cake out for the cake-cutting session... so Jolene chose this mango ice-cream dessert... and as usual, it was 'gobbled' up by our 'BIG-EATER TONG'!!!
Dunno what these 3 persons are doing... damn bo liao to pose outside a 'closed-down' shop... -_-"
Walked pass this shop that sell beauty products, saw this super big mirror which is in an angle that everyone looks 'slim' and can't resist taking pictures....

After that we couldn't really decide where to go, so i suggested Timbre @ Old School.. Too bad we drove up there and the place is full-house already... Therefore, we decided to go to PS Cafe @ Dempsey Hill... for 'healthy' tea and softdrink!!!
My Root Beer Float and Ms Liew's Tea!!!
Ms Liew testing the camera flashlight... She was saying something like switch on flashlight and take pictures, doesn't turn out too well.... *not bad what.... LOL*

But without flashlight it will be like.....

'Vainpots' Ms Tong and Ms Liew, posing for the camera, once again... Guess what's so 'interesting' that the 3 of us are so immerse in looking at it??? Ms Tong's collections of past Neo Prints/Cards!!! Damn funny to look at ourselves like so many years ago... Funny... But really good to reminisce... "Those were the days...." Haiz ~~

After Dempsey Hill, the gals decided that we should all continue the night and wanted to go to 'Play' and to our horror, the queue was so long (imagine the "queueing up to buy hello kitty craze") so we went on to Taboo instead... So many 'interesting sightings'!!! "Someone" actually approached us and asked....
K: "what are you gals doing in a gay joint?"
My reply: "Coz we are Lesbians!!!!"

[K gave a "OIC" kinda look and walked off with his partner, then moi start laughing hysterically while sharing this 'joke' with the rest of the gals... -_-"]

Hanged around at Taboo awhile more then decided to change another place... Suggested ST James, then we head down to Powerhouse...
[* coincidentally bumped into Beng & his grp there, once again! and he never jio me.. :( *]

Noone brought the camera down from the car, thus we had to make do with using my iphone to take these pics which obviously didn't turn out well, but at least better than nothing... (",)

Just being bo liao in the toilet so tried to take a pic with Ms Liew's iphone... Look at how 'tipsy' Ms Lim looked.... Like can't even stand up straight oredi!!!
We stayed till Powerhouse closed at 5am... Then all complained hungry so Ms Liew (being super sober and still very awake) drove us all down to the 24hrs Mac at Springleaf Tower... By the time we finished with our breakfast, me & ms lim can barely keep our eyes open... In the end, Ms Liew drove all of us back to Ms Lim's place then we took cab home from there... Reached home at 7am and complete knock-out... ZZzzZZzZZZzzzz -_-"
Haven't hanged out with the gals and do so much 'interesting stuffs' in 1 night... So totally enjoyable!!! Love them all... Love moi too!!!


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