Monday, December 29, 2008

My Pets.... (",)

Firstly, let me introduce my 1st pet hamster, "Fatty Greedy LUCKY".... Called him Lucky cos I think it's good to name pets with auspicious names.... He is a normal winter white and it was my last year's birthday gift from my boyfriend... When my bf bought it last Oct, it was like about 1-2months old already... So to date, he should be about 16months old... He's very healthy and active.... Plus greedy, always eating so much!!!! That's why it has grown so fat.... -_-"
Next comes the "Hyper-Active Mischevious HAPPY". He is a Dwarf Roborovskii and we bought him some time in Mar this year... He was so tiny when we bought him but he was already super active running around the cage so fast!!! Unlike LUCKY, I didn't dare to let HAPPY out to run freely around the living room cos he really jump about so fast I can't really catch hold of it!!! At first when I bought him, didn't know he was a 'dwarf' and full grown size is only at maximum of about 5cm only!!! I still thought he was malnutrition so I kept feeding him alot of food!!! HAPPY is very cute, fun to watch him jump and run about in the cage but very mischievous... Everytime I open the cage door and feed him, he will try to climb out from the door, gotta stop him, else will lost him... ;p

Hamsters are one of the easiest to have pets, low maintanence and do not really require much attention like dogs... They can live on minimal food and minimal water... They shit and pee in the cage but cos it's rather minimal, it won't get so dirty and smelly even aftert a week!!! Great pets for 'lazy' people like me.... I ever had rabbits, rooster & cat as pets, but hamsters is still the best... cutest and easiest to manage.... (",)


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