Thursday, November 20, 2008

Post Halloween Entry

Photos taken at Zouk Halloween Party!!!

Well, end up I dress only about 40% similar to the picture I had posted in my previous blog of a corspe bride! My 3 girlfriends (excluding the 2 friendly white-face geisha) didn't dare to dress till too 'weird/scary/abnormal/too ugly' and they make me feel like 'weird'....

Check out the decor & the crowd!!!

We almost couldn't make it into zouk, the queue was damn horribly long! worst than the 'hello-kitty-craze-queue-at-mac' about 10yrs ago!!! was about to give up and go elsewhere when one of my gf (the 1 in the below pic dressed as a devil) diligently got us all in (i am still not exactly sure how she did it, but really gotta give her credit for her quick-wittiness)!!!!

Thou' quite far away, but try to look carefully you'll see a 'green monster' dancing on the platform!! Damn admire this person's courage and effort!

This guy is super cute & creative!

Check out the cute green bumble bee mascot & check out the guy with white shirt & orchid garland around his neck! There was a group of them who dress as PAP ministers with an entourage! Damn funny and attracted alot of attention!

Went to the ladies to take a leak and grasp the chance to take some 'clearer' shots in the brighter lit toilet!

With "Cow-Girl" Clarice, she look so cool & serious, right....

The other gentle, sweet "Cow-girl" Jolene

This "devil" Cherin just enjoy making funny faces!!!

Just look at her sheepish expression

such a "fierce-looking" devil (with goatie)

It was really a very great FIRST experience to a Halloween party and ZOUK!!! Too bad I really couldn't make myself stay longer cos it's really really TOO CROWDED and STUFFY inside... But I really admire those ppl + my 3 other gfs who can stay on!!! Perhaps next year if we have th mood again, we will go Zouk for Halloween again??? But I hope this time, my gfs can MAKE SURE they all cna make it early so that we can go there and beat the queue!!!!


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