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Finally ~~ Japan Trip Photos (14-19 Jan'09) - Day 5


Set off from Hotel super early, around 7am (which is Singapore time 6am!!!) Reached Disneyland at around 750am... If i dun remember wrongly, the opening time is at 8am...

Heard that the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel is always fully booked and usually will need to book in advanced of at least half a year??? True??? But I don't think I'll spend this much to stay at this hotel.. And I think the minimum of SGD500 a night is promotional price so normally should be more expensive than that!!

Gosh!!! Check out the long long queue that I was surprised to see when we reached and actually most of the people there going in are Japanese!!!! Probably cos it's a Sunday that explains the crowd!!
Our tour guide told us that in each Japanese's whole lifetime, they would have probably visited Disneyland an average of 10times (can't really remember exactly how many times, but should be ard that...) ???? Once the gate opens for entry, you can see how excited everyone were and how fast they all rushed in!!! What a sight!!!

There are seven themed areas, each complementing each other yet unique in their style. Made up of the World Bazaar, the four classic Disney lands: Adventureland, Westernland, Fantasyland and Tomorrowland, and two mini lands, Critter Country and Mickey's Toontown, the park is noted for its huge open spaces to accommodate the massive crowds the park receives on even moderate attendance days. In 2007, Tokyo Disneyland hosted approximately 13.9 million guests, ranking it as the third-most visited theme park in the world, behind its American sister parks, the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland. Tokyo Disneyland began celebrating the 25th Anniversary of its grand opening in April 2008, with special events, entertainment and merchandise expected to continue into next year.


Main Street Cinema
- "Six different vintage Disney cartoons shown simultaneously on six separate screens." Somewhere great and safe to leave the kinds while you shop 'til you drop.

The Disney Gallery - "Now showing - 'Disney's Animation Magic' - sparks of Imagination for Disney's Magical Kingdoms". Must be an old press release that I have. It's actually now called " Imagineering The Dream" and it's fab. The exhibition gives us a behind-the-scenes look at how the Disney Imagineers create the attractions and the lands in the Disney Theme Parks. The whole process is on display from concept design drawings through to attraction storyboards, maquettes and detailed scale models.

Omnibus/Fire Engine/Horseless Carriage - "Take a leisurely drive in one of the early 1900's vehicles. Board in the Plaza at the end of World Bazaar" . Great for when your legs refuse to take you any further.


Pirates of the Caribbean - "Take a thrilling voyage back to when pirates ruled the seas and ports".
During the Golden Age of Piracy, a band of merry buccaneers, known as the Pirates of the Caribbean, ruled the seas and ports... If you dare, embark on pirate boat and take a thrilling voyage back to the Old World of adventure and romance.

It was quite an interesting ride, only thing is we are not allowed to use flash camera inside so it was practically impossible to take pictures inside. We were sitted in a boat that rides on the 'river', into the dark caves of the pirates.....Jungle Cruise - Are you ready for the excitement of wild animals, hostile tribes and unpredictable river perils? Entrust yourself to our experienced Jungle Cruise skippers and venture deep into mysterious, danger-filled jungles on a tramp steamer.

It was actually an interesting ride on the river moving into the 'jungle areas' and experience the 'wildlife' that looks so real! They were on land, in water, amongst the trees etc... I actually took a few long videos of our 'journey throught the 'jungle' but don't seem to be able to extract them out from my iphone... Damn! Anyways, the other negative point is that the guide narrate the whole stuffs in Japanese only so we don't understand a single thing she was saying, except that her dramatic-ness in narrating was so entertaining... Western River Railroad - Tokyo Disneyland's version version of its steam-powered railroad. It does not circle the whole park; instead passes through Advenutureland, Westernland and Critter Country. Additionally, this railroad differs from other Disney railroads because its track gauge is 30" (762mm) as compared with other Disney railroad track gauges of 36". There is only one stop, probably due to Japanese rail regulations for trains for more than one stop to follow a timetable, and that is located above the Jungle Cruise attraction. Guests pass the Jungle Cruise, the Big Thunder Mountain, an old "mining town", the Rivers of America, the Splash Mountain, and pass through a version of the Primeval World before heading back to the station.

Another interesting ride on a train that brings you around park of the whole park... There was one part of the journey where we went into a place like a cave and there were displays of pre-historical stuffs (dinasours & all that...) enclosed behind thick tempered glass, so when I tried to take pictures, I only get darkness in the background and bright deflection from the glass panels... But the overall personal experience was great! Swiss Family Treehouse - "Explore the ingenious treetop home built by the Robinsons after being shipwrecked."
Image what life would be on a remote island after being shipwrecked... If you are fascinated by the treetop home from an all-time-favorite Disney movie, Swiss Family Robinson (1960), be sure to explore this wonderful recreation.

The Enchanted Tiki Room - "Singing birds and flowers, chanting Tiki Gods, and rich tropical music provide delightful entertainment".

Didn't have the time to visit the other 2 attractions namely Swiss Family Treehouse & The Enchanted Tiki Room.. Don't even remember passing by also... Hmmmm.....


Westernland Shootin' Gallery - Relive the days of the Old West as you try your skill as a sharpshootin' marksman. Formerly a drinking establishment, this saloon has been turned into a shootin' gallery so all the greenhorns, cowpokes, dudes and outlaws who visit Westernland can have a shot at becoming the "Best in the West."
The Gallery is filled with all sorts of interesting targets, each with a unique reaction to being hit. From bottles that jump and boots that dance to a box of dynamite that "explodes," there's no shortage of amusing targets to aim for. And when they've finished, each Guest gets a score card with a special message from Pecos Goofy!

It's very fun to try out rifle shooting, especially if you're someone who has never tried this at all!!! We actually went back a second time for the shooting cos' he wants to try and achieve a perfect score of 10/10, which he finally did and was awarded with a badge for his perfect score! As for me, I am really so 'blind'!! I could hard hit any targets and the best score got was like 3 or maybe 4, after like 3 tries!! So I gave up trying anymore... (well, if it's free, I may try a few more times, but we actually have to pay for each game, think should be abt SGD3-4 bucks...)Tom Sawyer Island Rafts - These log rafts are the only means of transportation over to Tom Sawyer Island. On the Island, children of all ages will find a fun and safe environment where they can let their imaginations run wild. Some of the various play areas include Tom Sawyer's Treehouse, Injun Joe's Cave, Smuggler's Cove, Fort Sam Clemens and an Indian Village.

It only takes about 2-3mins ride on the raft over to Tom Sawyer Island. Visited Fort Sam Clemens' Fort Wilderness and went into Injun Joe's Cave... Inside Injun Joe's cave, it was dark, narrow and with different road windings that you may thought that you are lost! Ultimately, you will still walk out into the light, probably at another opening/exit instead of where you walked in from... Nothing spectacular.. Mark Twain Riverboat - Enjoy a leisurely trip down the Rivers of America on a romantic sternwheeler. Named after the popular 19th Century American author whose stories about life on the Mississippi River are now regarded as classics, the Mark Twain Riverboat's ornate decoration and authentic design captures the look, period ambiance, refinement and dignity of a stately paddlewheel steamboat.

This riverboat operates next to the Tom Sawyer Island Raft, but we chose not to take that ride cos firstly, the queue was very long and secondly it seems to be just like those normal ferry we take to go batam, except a little bigger??? -_-

Big Thunder Mountain - For years now, there have been stories about supernatural forces at work in Big Thunder Mountain. When one mining company didn't heed the rumors and blasted out all sorts of mine shafts and tunnels, unexplained and dangerous events started occurring. Some of the old hands even say they can hear tommy knockers, the spirits of long dead miners, tapping from somewhere inside the mines...For the wildest ride in the west, no daredevil or thrill-seeker should miss a ride aboard one of the company's mine trains that roar down the tracks without an engineer!

Other than the disappointment of not being able to visit the Haunted Mansion, this is the other one which dunno for whatever reason was closed that day so we did not manage to take the ride!!! So wasted lor....

Country Bear Theater - showcases the zaniest group of foot-stompin' bears ever assembled on one stage. Guests are invited to set for a spell and listen as these "real" down-home bears put on a un-Bear-ably hilarious musical revue.Three different shows, "Country Bear Jamboree," "Vacation Jamboree" and "Jingle Bell Jamboree," are presented throughout the year according to the season. Come join the fun with the rockin'-est, hillbilly-est band of Country Bears you ever did hear at the Country Bear Theater.

The Diamond Horseshoe - A rowdy, Western-style “table-service saloon,” owned and run by Slue Foot Sue. At lunchtime, Woody and Jessie from the Disney/Pixar film Toy Story2 star in a lively lunch show filled with singing, dancing, action and laughter.
In the afternoon and evening, Pecos Goofy rustles up some Frontier-era fun by showing off his roping talents for the dinner crowd in "Pecos Goofy's Frontier Revue." The show also features a dance troupe performing the "Can-Can," direct from Paris, and a stage appearance by Mickey Mouse!


It's a Small World
- "Enjoy the 'happiest cruise that ever sailed' as children of the world sing and dance to the song 'It's a Small World".

One of the ride with the longest queue (probably cos it's one of the more popular ride), but luckily, each 'boat' can hold a 20 ppl and the frequencies are quite fast, so we didn't have to wait too long for our turn... It's really a very colourful, musical and cheerful experience!! I've actually taken videos while I was on the ride, but too bad, I couldn't figure out how to extract the videos from my iphone so O couldn't post the videos here... Anyone can advise me???

Pinocchio's Daring Journey
- Travel on a mine car as you follow Pinocchio on his long, treacherous journey from wooden puppet to real boy. Favorite scenes from the Disney classic film, Pinocchio, are recreated here.

Quite a short ride (abt 2mins) and the mine car actually moved quite fast.. Before you know it, while still looking at the pinocchio's story and all that, you have reached the exit.... -_-"Alice's Tea Party
- "A whimsical array of colourful cups and saucers spin you into a fun-filled Wonderland".
Like a scene straight out of Disney's Alice in Wonderland, this tea party will have you in a whirl. You can turn the wheel at the center of your colorful cup to change the speed and direction of spinning. Peeking out of the big teapot from time to time is the Dormouse.

This is quite fun!! It gets you *spinning spinning spinning*... It's like a 'mild mild version' of the "Music Dance" we used to have in those fun-fairs here, remember???
Haunted Mansion - Take a ride on a "doom buggy" through an eerie Gothic mansion where 999 ghosts, goblins and ghouls are just "dying" to meet you and make their number an even 1,000. Be sure to watch out for hitch-hiking ghosts as well. [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haunted_Mansion]

I am extremely DISAPPOINTED!!! All the way there and I didn't have a chance to visit the infamous Haunted Mansion, because they happened to be closed for some renovation/reconstruction works!!! Arggghhhhh!!!!

Cinderella's Golden Carousel - "In a kaleidoscope of colour ninety hand-painted horses whirl to the tunes from a calliope".
Everyone loves to ride a white horse and the Castle Carrousel has 90 of them with different poses and colorful trappings. Just beneath the carrousel canopy are 18 hand-painted vignettes detailing scenes from Disney's animated classic Cinderella.

Yes... This is the horse-ride-merry-go-round that kids love and so do adults!! But the queue was so long that we decided to give it a miss and move on to other attractions...

Peter Pan's Flight - With a little bit of pixie dust, your pirate ship will fly you through the night skies over London, past the second star to the right and on to Never Land. You'll see Peter Pan, Wendy, Captain Hook and other characters in scenes from this popular tale.

This ride seems to be reali fun lor... But the queue was so so so long throughout, that we decided to give up after queuing for awhile... Sad...

Snow White Adventures - Board a mine car and enter the world of Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. You'll follow Snow White through a menacing forest as she is befriended by the Seven Dwarfs and meets a scary witch offering her a poisoned apple.

Cinderella Castle Mystery Tour - Explore the depths of "Cinderella Castle" in this exciting and frightening tour. Watch as the Disney villains take over and try to lead guests to the dark side. Only our brave hero can save us with his goodness, courage and pure heart. Encounter visions and characters from Disney's classic films but find your way out before they come!

Too bad this attraction closed on April 5th, 2006. But I read somewhere saying that it will be re-opened soon, probably in 2011...

Dumbo the Flying Elephant - "Fly high in the Fantasyland sky on the amazing circus elephant." It's just a fun-fair type uppy-downy, roundy-roundy thing. With a push of a button you can fly higher or lower. Dumbo's best friend, Timothy Mouse, can be seen atop the ball at the center of the attraction.

It has one of the slowest moving lines in the park too. So we didn't went for that ride...

Pooh's Hunny Hunt - Featuring Winnie the Pooh and his friends from the Hundred Acre Wood, the attraction is alive with unpredictable excitement. Aboard the largest hunny pot you've ever seen, enjoy the encounters that follow when you set off with Pooh to find his favorite food.

This has the longest longest longest queue (at least this is what I felt), cos everytime we pass by, the queue was like never-ending!!! And problem is, we can only hold 1 'priority ticket' at any one time (at that point of time, we were holding on to Critter Country - Splash Mountain, another of the most popular ride!), so by the time we have cleared our priority ticket, then waiting time for Pooh's Hunny Hunt is like 4hrs later (which would be ard 6pm, ans we would have to gathered at our tour bus to go for our dinner...) Dammit!!!!! But some of the rest of our group manage to take the Pooh's ride and commented that it's interesting but not exactly THAT fantastic to queue so many hours for it....

The Mickey Mouse Revue - "Your favourite Disney characters appear 'live' through the magic of Audio-Animatronics, to perform a medley of best-loved tunes".

Read from the internet that Mickey's Philarmagic will open in 2011 at Tokyo Disneyland, and it will open in the theatre where the Mickey Mouse Revue previously was. Also read that The Mickey Mouse Revue at Tokyo Disneyland is only opened until May 25, 2009! But too bad we didn't have a chance to visit cos' the queue was (as usual) super super long!!!


Grand Circuit Raceway
- "Drive a race car up, down and around a challenging network of twisting curves" .
At Tokyo Disneyland, the ride exists as Grand Circuit Raceway. This version of the ride has remained open since the park's opening in 1983 and has remained largely unchanged. The ride is sponsored by Bridgestone and features a grandstand for visitors to watch the "races" between drivers. The track is described as a "figure eight" shape, but is actually quite longer.

Long long queue as well, but we decided to wait and turns out it wasn't too long a wait cos there are alot of 'race car' and many of the ppl in the queue were actually with young kids so 2 shared 1 race car.. Even we shared too, cos I was afraid of handling it on my own!! So in the race car, one will control the acelerator & brake while the other would control the steering.. NAturally, I took the side with the steering wheel cos I wasn't confident in controlling speed!!! It was a very fun experience... We actually wanted to go for another time, but the queue was starting to get even longer so we decided not to waste our time.

Space Mountain
- The popular Space Mountain has been revamped for the first time at Tokyo Disneyland. You'll see mysterious lights illuminating the dome, and inside, you'll find a sleek spaceship docked and being re-charged with an explosive ball of energy. Strap yourself into one of the new rockets and blast off for a thrilling ride into outer space!

This is the other super popular and fun ride in Disneyland. The queue and waiting time is just as bad as the Pooh's Hunny Hunt!!! Luckily we chose to take this the 'priority ticket' for this ride!!! It is just like any other roller-coasted ride, only thing is this ride take place indoors with total darkness and all you can see are 'bright stars' all over (and loud hysterical screamings) while taking the ride!!! FUN FUN FUN!!! On of the best ride in the park, other than Splash Mountain at Critter Country...

Star Jets - Pilot your own open-topped rocket and feel the refreshing breeze on your face as you soar through the skies high above Tomorrowland.

This ride will bring you 'up & down, round & round'... It was quite cold and the wind keep blowing on our faces as we spin round and round that my face was abit numbed when we were done with our ride... Quite interesting becos while we were spinning on the ride, we can see the view of Toontown, the long queue to enter Space Mountain ride etc etc.... It was a nice (cold) experience...

Tomorrowland Terrace - The one and only hamburger restaurant in Tokyo Disneyland offers a variety of satisfying burgers, including the hearty Deluxe Hamburger and the Shrimp Cutlet Sandwich. Enjoy your meal in the spacious dining areas. French fries and drinks available as a set with your choice of sandwich.

6) CRITTER COUNTRY - When Splash Mountain opened at Tokyo Disneyland, Critter Country was specifically created for it. The only other attraction in this area is the Beaver Brothers Explorer Canoes (formerly Davy Crockett's Explorer Canoes in Westernland). Because of the land's small size and the popularity of Splash Mountain, Critter Country is extremely crowded throughout the day.

Splash Mountain - "Follow the antics of Brer Rabbit on a hair-raising flume adventure with the steepest, highest, wettest drop ever!" Formerly called Chick-A-Pin Hill, Splash was renamed after an accident caused the Beaver Brothers' dam to explode and flood the whole mountain. Tokyo Disneyland's version is larger than the one in California. The queueing area is totally enclosed (except for very busy days when the line spills outside), and like most of the queue areas in TDL attractions, it's full of neat little diversions to entertain you while you're waiting for your turn to ride. One of the most popular attraction in the whole of Tokyo Disneyland.

This is a fun! Something like our 'big splash' that we have once upon a time.. But of cos more interesting as we will have to go through a series of 'mild waterfalls' inside the cave, before we hit the main one at the cave opening all the way down! (See pic before, on the right). We were seated at row 2 and just before we exit from the cave opening, there was a gush of water that sprays infront of us! Weird thing is the 2 person sitting at the first row wasn't as drench as we were!!! -_-"

Beaver Brothers Explorer Canoes - Paddle around the Rivers of America with the help of your explorer-guides. Out on the water, you'll find beautiful views of Tom Sawyer Island and Critter Country.

My first ever canoeing experience! Fun Fun Fun!!! But at first I was quite worried as this was my first time trying it out. I was so worried that we would capsized as some of us are like totally unable to catch up with the 'rowing momentum'!! There were 16 of us (8 left, 8 right) and we paddle on guidance of the staff and manage to round the 10-min river course successfully!!! Yippie!! I so wish to go canoe again right now!!!

See! It's Mickey Mouse!!! So sad lor... By the time we are done with our rides and came out, the queue for taking photo with Mickey Mouse was already closed... So we can only stadn there and watch others take pictures with Mickey Mouse.... :(

Most of out time spent there were on taking different rides at the different Themed Land.. We actually didn't manage to take any photos with any Disney character mascots who would walk around the park at times... Well, we were too pre-occupied with queueing up and taking rides as we decided this would be our 'priority' for this first visit... Anyways, we did not manage to stay for the Starlight Magic (if this is the correct one I'm talking about) as our tour bus is scheduled to come and pick us at 6pm whereas the show will start only around 830pm... I really wished to visit Japan again and I will definitely go to Disneyland again!!! But this time,I will know how to plan my itinerary around the park so as not to miss the best rides/shows etc.... I miss Disneyland... :(

Ikspiari is a shopping, dining and entertainment complex at the Tokyo Disney Resort in Urayasu, Chiba, Japan. The complex can be reached by the Japan railway line, the Tokyo Disney Resort Line, the resort's own monorail service, and also by car. It is popular with the local community as well as international tourists visiting the resort for the famous Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea theme parks.


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