Tuesday, May 26, 2009

*Twit... Twit... Twit... Twit...* "You've got a Msg!!"

Miki introduced this Twitter thing to us over Gerald's birthday dinner when we all gathered... Never knew about such an interesting application!!! So, she sent us the link to sign up for an account, so that we could all be 'connected' and updated with each other's daily stuffs anytime, anywhere...

So I decided to try out and signed up for an account... That's when I start to explore and learnt that Twitter can be added onto our Blog so others can see my updates too!!! Koolz!!! So I DID IT!

Now I'm still trying to get the hang of it and now also trying to figure how how to use this Twigoo thingy... Seem interesting too...

I guess the rest of the gals are 'too busy' to check out the Twitter invite that Miki has sent cos so far, other than Miki, only me & recently Jolene, who have signed up.. Now we're just waiting for the rest of the 'lazy gals'...

Anyways, I think it's quite an interesting tool to keep yourself connected and updated with friends, so why wait, sign up for an account today & let's GET CONNECTED! Muahahaha.. ;p



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