Monday, May 25, 2009

Finally ~~ Japan Trip Photos (14-19 Jan'09) - Day 4

Took this picture at the Onsen Ryokan - "Iie crem, Usually, ¥150yen"
When I saw this, I was like ?????... Ermmm, what is the 'Iie Crem" Not-Usual price then??? =.=

Took another picture of Mount Fuji (last picture before we left from the area)... Bye Bye Mount Fuji...
I shall see you again soon, hopefully............... ;p

Inside the Ramen Museum... See how they make the place look like a street in the 80s? Interesting....
And they make the ceiling look like as if we're really in the open! Koolz ritez...
The ramen was pretty tasty, but a little salty thou'... But I feel that the standard is about that of some ramen places i've tried here in Singapore wor... Not exactly that fantastic actually....
The origin of ramen :

Noodles originated from China over 4000 years ago and reached the Japanese culture much later on. In fact, we had to wait up to 19th century, in the Meiji period, for ramen to become widely known in Japan. The Japanese dish was originally called “Lamen”, but will be later referred to as “Ramen”, since there is no distinction between the 'L' and 'R' sounds in the Japanese language and it was a more popular way to express the word. After the Second World War came an intense food shortage in Japan, a turning point in the history of noodles. Ramen were perfect and greatly helped Japan, they were cheap and a great source of needed calories. A bit later, in 1958, Momofuku Ando, founder and chairman of Nissin Foods, invented the instant noodles, which are a lot closer to what we eat today. Named the greatest “made in Japan” invention of the 20th century, in front of the karaoke and headphone stereos, in a Japanese poll made by the The Fuji Research Institute Corporation, instant ramen became a Japanese cultural icon. Today, 4000 years after the origin of the first noodles, ramen are known worldwide and are part of over 85 billions meals every year. The Ramenlicious team really hope you will enjoy the website and join the always growing noodle lovers community. Lamian :La (chinese) = Pulling and stretching.Mian (chinese) = Noodles.Ramen : Men (japanese) = All kind of noodles made of cereal flour.
(For more information about history/origins of Ramen, go to

The Kobe beef is damn expensive lor!!! But it's so juicy and tasty after we bbq it... But it's damn fattening can!
Don't remember what is this temple called... But it's super crowded with Japanese as well as tourists!! The streets nearby the temple are filled with losta stalls selling all kinda stuffs like a massive 'PaSar MaLam' like that (but of cos much better standard than our PSML lah!) !!! Refer to the bottom left-hand picture to see how crowded the street was!!!
Look at all the different 'fortune cats' they have!!! How I wished I could buy them all back!!!
I bought a few about 10 assortments of the 'fortune cats'... I should have bought more.... :(
Our dinner for the night was Chinese food... Damn 'weird' rite, go Japan eat chinese food.. Haha... But guess there's some 'tie-up' between the travel agency & restaurant, cos all the diners there were brought in by their tour guide under their package and it's mainly Chinese from China, Taiwan & Singapore.... Nothing special about the food, not really nice actually....
Check out how 'exposed' the porn magazines are displayed!!! And the magazine contents not really sensored de wor.... Anyway, I think we were in a 'family convenience store' lor.... -_-"
This Grand Prince Hotel was damn big lor! The decor all very 'english style' de.... Check out the door (with gate). the design of the curtains, the chairs, the wall paper.... There's even a balcony where we can see the swimming pool and also enjoy the cool wind!

Funny thing was, we were trying to figure out how to switch on the air-con cos we were feeling rather stuffy and a little warm... We fidgeted with the air-con switch for like 15mins then decided to call the frontdesk to inform them that their air-con is faulty... Who knows we were informed that they only have a warmer and not air-con in the room! We were so damn embarrassed lor... So in order to get 'air-con', we left the balcony door slightly ajar so that the cool wind can come into the room.... And it really does feel like having air-con on, "natural air-con"! So good.... Haha..

Day 5 photos is gonna take a much much longer time to sort out cos they are all pictures taken at Disneyland and there are soooo many pictures taken!!!! Will try to finish up withing these few days, hopefully.....


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