Sunday, May 24, 2009

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian


Larry Daley (Ben Stiller) now owns Daley Devices, a company that manufactures his inventions. He finds that the Museum of Natural History is closed for upgrades and renovations, and the museum pieces are moving to the Federal Archives at the Smithsonian Institution at Washington, D.C.. On the last night, Larry meets the museum pieces such as Theodore Roosevelt (Robin Williams), Rexy and Dexter the Monkey and finds out that several exhibits, including Teddy, Rexy, the Easter Island Head, and Akmennrah (Rami Malek) are not moving to The Smithsonian Institution - the other exhibits will no longer be animated. Larry then gets a call from Jedediah (Owen Wilson), saying that Dexter stole the tablet, and that Kah Mun Rah (Hank Azaria), Akmenrah's older brother, is attacking them. Larry takes a plane to Washington and visits the National Air and Space Museum, the National Gallery of Art and the Smithsonian Castle to find the Federal Archives with the help of his son Nick (Jake Cherry).

Larry sneaks into the archives and locates the exhibits, frozen in the middle of a battle with Kah Mun Rah and his troops. Larry got hold of the Tablet of Arkmenrah, just when the sun sets and all the exhibits come alive again. Kah Mun Rah and his troops take the Tablet from Larry, and he tells Larry that bringing the exhibits to life is only one of the tablet's powers - he intends to use it to raise an army from the underworld and conquer the world. Larry escapes with the help of General Custer (Bill Hader) and meets Amelia EarhartAmy Adams), who is thrilled at the prospect of adventure and accompanies Larry. Meanwhile, Kah Mun Rah recruits Al Capone (Jon Bernthal), Ivan The Terrible (Christopher Guest) and Napoleon BonaparteAlain Chabat) to help him capture Larry in return for sharing the world with him when he conquers it. Custer is locked up with the other exhibits from the Museum of Natural History, and while he conceives a poor plan of attack, Jedidiah and Octavious sneak out to help Larry. ( (

Larry and Amelia are captured and taken to Kah Mun Rah. Kah Mun Rah attempts to activate the tablet to open the gates of the underworld by pressing the symbols on the tablet, but discovers that the combination has been changed. Kah Mun Rah orders Larry to decipher the tablet's riddle and figure out the new combination before sunrise, and traps Jedidiah in an hourglass to hasten his attempts. Larry and Amelia consult a bust of Teddy, and The Thinker, before a group of Albert Einstein bobbleheads tell them the answer to the riddle (and the new combination) is pi. Larry and Amelia return to Kah Mun Rah, and Amelia goes for help while Larry delays Kah Mun Rah. Capone, Napolean and Ivan arrive and tell Kah Mun Rah the code, and he opens the gates of the underworld and summons an army of bird-men.

Suddenly, a giant sculpture of Abraham Lincoln from the Lincoln Memorial bursts through the window, frightening the bird-men back to the underworld. Amelia then arrives, having freed the other exhibits, and Custer orders them to attack. After a battle, Larry duels Kah Mun Rah with his flashlight, defeating him and casting him into the portal to the underworld. Amelia flies Larry and the other exhibits back to the Museum of Natural History. Before Amelia departs, she and Larry kiss goodbye. Larry had fallen in love and was sad to see her leave. Teddy welcomes him back, and Larry assures him he has a way for them to remain there. Some time later, it is revealed that Larry sold his company and donated the money to the museum to pay for "animatronic" exhibits - the exhibits that come to life at night are now accessible to the public as automations, including Teddy as a tour guide. Larry is rehired at the museum as the night guard, and meets a young woman who looks just like Amelia. The film concludes as they talk and both walk off as Larry guides her towards the part of the museum containing Jedediah and Octavius.

Need I say more??? NO!!!! Just go and watch! Must watch ah!!!!!

Next show >>> Monsters Vs Aliens... And Japan photos - Day 4 will be out by tonight!! ;p


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