Wednesday, July 21, 2010

First time as "Tour Guide" to HCM!

I've been to Ho Chi Minh thrice already, since 2007, like once a year... and now in 2010 is my 4th time... But this time, I'm bringing my parents & elder sis, all whom have NEVER been to HCM at all!!!! I'm gonna be their so-call "tour guide", probably quite a lousy one bah... LOL...

Well, I've already asked some friends who are "regulars" there, and also based on the memories of the places there which I've been, to create an itinerary for our 4days there! I just hope the language barrier is not gonna posed too big a problem for us!!! =X

Motorists practically take up 70% (???) of the roads there... And seems to me that the vehicles there move in ALL sort of DIFFERENT directions on the same road... And crossing roads is the MAJOR problem I will face.... *gulp*

But that doesn't deter me from looking forward to going to the place.... and it's becos of the arrays of CHEAP & SUMPTUOUS FOOD!!!!!!!!!

I hope my parents & sis will have an enjoyable time there. with me as their "tour guide"!!! I really hope that everything will go smoothly and safely, and that we can all have an unforgettably fun time there!! =)

Okay, in another 12hrs time, we'll be leaving on a (jet)plane.... Away from this place which has recently kinda made me feel pretty moody.... =X
4days, to let me have some time away to "clear my head"... And hopefully when I come back, I'll again, be the same "happy-go-lucky-and-nothing-can-make-me-upset" gal!! Wish me luck!!! Till then... Cheers!!!! ;D


At 6:53 AM, July 21, 2010 , Blogger ~An9eL~ said...

the food looks really great...... wanna visit HCM one day...


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