Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Party 2010! @ Zouk - Fear Factory

This Saturday is a long & busy day for moi!!! Flea Market at SCAPE Youth Park from 1pm to ard 7pm, then gotta rush to meet my friends to make-up & prepare for the Halloween Party at ZOUK!! Yay! Excited much luh!!! Cos I missed the fun at the Party with them as I was holiday-ing in BKK!!!! So this year, all geared up, our "uniform" collected, ideas confirmed... We're gonna drink, dance, act crazy, drink, dance, act crazy.... till we all crash!!!!! =P

Went to my first! But only 4 of us went & I left early cos I couldn't take the crowd!! =X But this is DEFINITELY not gonna happen this year! I'll gonna party till 'lights-on' (unless knock-out)!!! LOLsss...

That year, Bff-Jo dressed as cow-boy, bff-Cla as cow-gal, bff-Che as he-devil and moi, as a corpse-bride... I look damn hideous can, plus FAT!!! OMG!!! I still can't believe I dare to walk out of the house looking like this!!!! =X I look so scary that even bff-Jo is SO terrified!!! Muahahahaha... Funi...
Gosh!!! So fast & it's almost 1am!!! Arrgghhh!!! So many things to do and so little time lidat!!! I'm supa supa tired!!! Haven't been getting enuf sleep since like duno how many weeks ago!!! -_-"

Gotta crash like NOW oredi!!! Cos there's an impt clients' event from morning till aftnn, then dinner + ktv till late nite and Saturday's gonna wakey early for the flea mkt for whole day then Halloween Party at nite!!! I doubt I'm ever gonna get enuf sleep oredi... *eye-bags* *dark-eye-rings* *wrinkles* etc etc etc, will soon be my new best friend!!! =/


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