Thursday, January 05, 2012

1st post of 2012 >> 2011 Bday(Oct)

Well well.... the first post for 2012, is actually a supa outdated post about my birthday in Oct'11!!! LOL


It just seems like it was "yesterday" when I just celebrated my last birthday!!! Gosh, another year has just passed!!!! I really enjoyed myself more each year!!!

1st bday pressie of 2011 - from my little sis!! Love it!!

30 Sep: 1st (advanced) birthday celebration @ Yello Jello, together with SL (actual day) & AG (advanced)! First time celebrating birthday together wif these 2 babes!! We had so much fun!!! 2nd pressie from "Mr J's GF"!!! Delivered to office!! Thanks WT!!! 01.10.11 - 3rd pressie from "Mr Nice Guy".... Doesn't really had much flair for choosing a gal's gift thou'.. But still outta give him credit for trying... Really appreciate it... =D 4th pressie from Ivy!!! =) She said she gave me this to let myself be "reminded" of Paris and then work twds the "goal" of travelling there someday soon.... 02.10.11 - Celebration with family!!! My little sis decorated the cake for me!! I helped abit too!!! =P Ang Pows from the family members!!! =) 03.10.11 - 5th pressie from the sweet cousie "littlemscheeky"!!04.10.11 - Bday gathering for Elmo, Kaya & Moi @ HV Breeko! Super nice choco-cheesecak from NYDC (i think)... Yummy!! Simply love this sweet sweet watch that BFFs, LL & TT!!! So love!!! ;) 06.10.11 Celebration in the office - Famous cheesecake from Hilton hotel!

"Surprise Gift" from a nice new friend.... ;)

The Canele cakes are yummy!!! Brought it to share wif sistas when we meet up at HV-Wala Wal for Moi & cousie-Phy's advanced bday celebration! Sweet thots from Karish-sis! Made me & Phy wear the bunny-ear headband & bow and everyone was like staring at us, thinking we were doing some Hens Party!! =P

Was going to Seoul for Co. Conf in Nov, so Godma decided to give me KRW ang pow!! =)

I had many great bday celebrations in 2011.... I got many great gifts..... The years down the road will always be as great as it can be.... I'm sure..... Cos I have alot of good ppl around me, what else can I ask for??? (Other than World Peace as well! LOL)

I love my life... I love my family... I love all my good friends.....

One year older, hopefully one year wiser too... Haaaa.....


At 11:18 PM, January 10, 2012 , Anonymous Iriene said...

Wow, a series of wonderful celebrations. are so blessed with wonderful and loving people. All the better in 2012 :)


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