Thursday, October 30, 2008

First Halloween Party!!!

I'm so excited!!! Tomorrow will be going with a few girlfriends to Zouk for the Halloween Party!!! First time ever, in my life since I started partying at the legal age of 18, we are going for the Halloween party at Zouk!!! It was quite a headache thou', having to decide what to dress as... At first I thought of dressing as a she-devil, but my other girlfriend is dressing as a he-devil already... The other is going to dress as witch... So I decided on a corpse bride, inspired by Emily from Tim Burton's Corpse Bride.... I wanted to wear white, but my cousin suggested that I be a 'black corpse bride' so I agreed... Next headache is what to wear and how to make it look convincing enough... materials that I need, props etc... In the end, I decided to just wear full black, with fishnet stockings and bought some materials to make the head dress and veil... Bought some black accessories as well.... As for the hand bouquet, wasn't able to find black plastic roses... So i'm using a few dried up roses to make do with it... So far, I've spent like $30+ on buying the materials/accessories/make-up etc.... don't think i'd wan to spend anymore $$$ to buy clothings, so will have to just settle with black overalls.... I think the most crucial part will be on the make-up to make myself looking more convincing as a corpse bride... Will try my best to do my make-up tomorrow... I hope my dress-up would be successfully convincing and we're gonna all have lotsa fun!!! Must also take more pictures for keepsake... :)


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