Sunday, May 17, 2009

Finally ~~ Japan Trip Photos (14-19 Jan'09) - Day 1

The BEST holiday trip I ever had in my life up to now!!! The cool weather, the beautiful sceneries, the great new experiences, then enjoyable times there.... I so wanna go back there again..... I miss Japan... The next time, I hope I can spend more days!!!


DAY 1 (14 Jan) : SIN-OSAKA
(click on picures to enlarge)

After this shopping destination,we are finally sent to the Osaka Hyatt Regency (very nice but I was too tired to take any photos of the hotel...) to check in and have a good rest... We can't unpack our stuffs from our luggage as we are shifting everyday, to a different hotel, as we slowly move up towards Tokyo... Our daily routine, as our tour guide said: "6,7,8".. Wake up at 6am to dress up, 7am for breakfast and 8am to move off!!!
Just done with sorting out Day 1 pictures only and I am super exhausted... So I have decided to publish Day 1 posting first and continue for Day 2 onwards in other posts..... Thanks for the patience... ;p


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