Friday, May 15, 2009

"Government's position on homosexuality unchanged"

Seriously, I don't understand why so many people have so much 'issues' about homosexuality... It is not as if they are like aliens from some 'xyz planet' coming to conquer earth and wipe out all earthlings, right.... Why should we be so bothered about whether or not this person is homosexual or not?? They are just human too, just like any heterosexual person... Also, homosexual or heterosexual persons, there are the good ones and the bad ones... It is the same... it is not about a person's sexual orientation that is what we should be concerned about! It is the person's character, personality & behaviour!! Dunoo why there are just some people who are so free to debate this, argue that, condemn this, bar that.... What's wrong with these people? Shouldn't they be more concern about themselves, their family, their close ones, their friends etc.. If they are so concern about 'the world, our society etc', shouldn't they be spending time on how to help to improve the economy, the job rate, poverty all around the world, about elderly homeless ppl, about the under-privilege, the disabled, etc.....???? So long as we get on with our own lives, don't affect each other's life, why bother, right?? Life is too short to be 'bo liao' about all these can! WAKE UP your IDEA lah!

Government's position on homosexuality unchanged - By Julia Ng, Channel NewsAsia Posted: 14 May 2009 1942 hrs

SINGAPORE : The Singapore Government has said it welcomes religious groups and individuals getting active in social issues. But it has warned against mixing religion with politics. Deputy Prime Minister Wong Kan Seng said this, in an interview to be published in the TODAY newspaper on Friday, on the recent saga involving the Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE). Mr Wong added that the government's position on homosexuality is clear, and it will not be pressured into changing its position as a result of lobbying by pressure groups. Two years ago, during the debate on whether to decriminalise sex between men, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong had clearly stated that the conventional family, a heterosexual stable family is the norm and building block of Singapore society. But the government also recognises that homosexuals are part of the society. Mr Lee had said then: "Homosexuals work in all sectors, all over the economy, in the public sector as well and in the civil service. They are free to lead their lives, free to pursue their social activities." That position has not changed. Mr Wong said: "The government was not going to be pressured into changing its position on homosexuality before the takeover of AWARE. Nor does the government intend to change its position now that the Old Guard has recaptured AWARE." He added that as Singaporeans become more educated and informed, and more space is being opened up for people to express alternative views, there will be more tussles between people holding different points of views. If any group pushes its agenda aggressively, there will be strong reactions from other groups. As for the AWARE controversy, the government was worried about the disquieting public perception that a group of conservative Christians - all attending the same church, which held strong views on homosexuality - had moved in and taken over AWARE because they disapproved of what the organisation had been doing. Hence, he was gratified that the National Council of Churches of Singapore issued a clear statement that it does not condone churches getting involved in the AWARE dispute, and that leaders of different religious faiths came out to reinforce the NCCS message. Mr Wong said the government has to maintain order impartially. It encourages the development of civic society, and gradual widening of the out-of-bounds (OB) markers. But it will not stand by and watch, when intemperate activism threatens Singapore society. Asked for his comments on the May 2 AWARE extraordinary general meeting, which saw the new exco being voted out, Mr Wong said both sides must now calm down, and move on. - CNA/ms


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