Tuesday, May 05, 2009

"I AM FAT!!!!"

I have heard enough of these comments lately... so sad... so demoralised.... people who commented this include people who haven't seen me for a long time, as well as ppl who does see me that often...

The list:

- Mr K.C, Poly Classmate (last seen me, probably half a year ago)
Left a comment on my FB after seeing my recent photos, asking me whether am i eating and sleeping so well that I became so 'rounded'...
*i feel like strangling him*

- Ms A.G, ex-colleague (last seen me, probably 3yrs ago after I left the Company)
Was SMS-ing me and told me she saw my recent photos on FB and seems that i am growing more horizontally and she almost can't recognise me.. and she asked if i am pregnant...
*i almost fainted when i saw her SMS*

- Mr C.N, my direct boss (last seen me, less than 6hrs ago)
Sometimes, probably it's the way i dress or what, he will suddenly look at me and asked if i have put on weight... then he will keep 'reminding' me that women have to maintain their figure no matter what cos a woman would never look good with a spare tire, flabby huge arms and bloated face..
*i agree with him totally... but he's saying this to me too often lately.... -_-" and when i told him i'm going off for my aerobics class, he softly told me: 'good, go burn off all the fats'..... *

- Ms T.T, my colleague (last seen me, less than 1 day ago)
Not too long ago, there was this one day, she was talking to me, then she suddenly asked me: "Tammy, did you recently put on weight??" After that time, she did ask me the same question on a few other occasions...
*i just wanted to strangle myself!*

- Mr J.L, old friend (last seen me, 3 days ago)
Met him up for coffee on Sat, after not seeing each other for like 3mths or so.... I asked him if he thinks i have put on weight, and at the same time i was showing him my new pet hamster's pics... he said not exactly, but my face is kinda 'rounded' like my hamster's.... then he advice me never to rear a puffer fish, cos i would then end up being 'bloated/rounded' all over instead....
*i almost 'murdered' him on the spot, then 'murder' myself as well...*

- Mr E.L, old friend (last seen me, 4days ago)
Forever calling me a 'fat ass'... joking or not, doesn't matter... cos if i am those very slim kind, he wouldn't even have the thought of using the word 'fat' on me... there was once i remembered SMS-ing him that i was having a KTV session with my gfs, he told me: "dun wave your flabby arms in the air while singing hor.."
*i so wanted to throw my phone at his face, but too bad he wasn't saying that while standing infront of me...*

And the list can actually go on but these are the few that are more 'impactful' to me.... I knew i had put on weight, since last 3yrs ago... keeps going up and never go down again... i'm over 50kg and for my height, i think that's FAT! What to do, my own fault, eat & drink like nobody's business and then lazy to exercise... I decided I have to do something about it,especially after today's first aerobic lesson, the more it made me feel that i'm like so fat so i must work very very hard to slim down to how i used to be 4yrs ago... Well well... let's try to start from tmr....??? =X


At 12:15 AM, May 07, 2009 , Blogger Winnilicious said...

Good try!

Food wise kinda hard. WE slowly okay?

At 12:29 AM, May 07, 2009 , Blogger TaMy said...

We 'try' our best k... LOL


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