Saturday, May 09, 2009

Activites from Labour Day & the days following....

6 May 2009 - Ngee Ann Alumni

I studied in Ngee Ann Po0lytechnic, Electrical Engineering course and graduated like more than 6years ago... I still remember our Elelctrical Engineering Building was just directly beside SIM and every morning have to walk a slope all the way up to reach our EE Block... I remembered last time ppl used to call EE Block as "Er Mei Shan"... So that night, someone brought me to this 'new place' which was actually Ngee Ann Alumni...

This is the familiar EE main block where the lecture halls are at... This Ngee Ann Alumni was where there used to be a "Boys' Home"....
I was a little shock beyond words when I realised there is really a pub within the Alumni compound which is open to Public....
This is how the inside of the KTV looks like... It's quite a big lor... At the far right side, there a about 3 KTV rooms where you can pay hourly rate to use... We sat outside and drink a couple jugs of beer then decided to book teh room so that we can sing.. They gave us a small room which cost $10/hr.. Lousy sound system, both microphones like abit faulty like that.. And some new songs listed on their system cannot be played at all!! Sang for 2hrs, paid up and went home... Not a place that I will go back again... -_-"

4 May 2009 - Boat Quay, Ten Dimension KTV Pub

Monday Blues.......

After work, me and Winnie decided to pop over to Harry's for a pint before we head home... After we finished our pint, we decided we were hungry so we went over to Boat Quay, 'Thai Smile' for the resonably priced set meal for 2... For a price of $25, we will get 1 choice of soup, 1 vege and 1 meat dish...

Took a picture of this cos I think it looks damn cute lor.. This is a chicken dish, then they make the aluminium the shape of a chicken, so creative, right...
After the food, we decided we were damn bored and wanted to go listen to some song and watch MTV... so we decided to find a KTV pub to go to... Chamber Hutz was rather crowded so we went over to Ten Dimension, where as usual, no customers. Their sound system is quite lousy thou, but cos it's always the one which is most quiet until around 11+pm onwards then will start to have people coming in....
The above pic is showing the main entrance. In front of use, only 1 table occupied. The below pic is showing the rest of the place, only 1 more table at the back occupied. See how quiet the place was! We had wanted to hang around awhile to listen to songs while enjoying some beer... In the end, we drank 3 jugs and left only at around 1am!!! -_-"Nowadays pubs like to have this kinda 'catcher' machine, to 'con' ppl's $$$ lor... Beds have 1 too... LOLx

3 May 2009 - Chinese 'Prayer' Dinner

Me and younger sis Jas went on behalf of our parents for the yearly dinner which is held near our old place at Clementi. As there were just 2 of us, we were asked to share table with this group of 5 uncle & 1 aunty. One of the uncle's son came shortly. This man in red is the emcee for the night and he will conduct the auction of 'religious' items on this stage for the night!It was a SUPER warm night so me & Jas both order beer to 'cool' us down.. The uncle and son were drinking martel with ice & water.. Shortly after the dinner started, the uncle & son started to talk to us and served us food some more! Then they keep saying how we both can drink so much beer when they were actually the ones who kept drinking the martell none stop.. Think they were both rather tipsy lor and the son starting saying weird stuffs to me, like how i would make a 'good wife material'!!! Me and my sis almost fell off our chair when he said that! GOSH! -_-" And the most funny thing is when we were all going to leave at the end of the dinner, the uncle said to my sis in dialect (i shall intepret in Eng here): "You have a pair of eyes that will cause men to 'kill' for it..." Muahahahaha... We were both too stunned for words... We quickly shoo-ed them off and went to opposite direction to take cab home... *Phew* What an eventful dinner! =.=

2 May 2009 - Advanced Mother's Day Dinner & Coffee Bean

Godma and Granny going away for a holiday so we had an advance mother's day dinner for both of them and my mum..... We had rojak as appetizer, followed by an 8-course meal!!!
After dinner, met up with my old friend, Mr J.L (he was one of the person who made comments about me being fat. Refer to previous post for coffee at Westmall Coffeebean.
1 May 2009 - Labour Day Holiday!!!

Had quite a tiring birthday celebration with my BFF(s) the previous night, but it doens't stop me from meeting up with Winnie, Belle & 'a new friend', Simon 'Di Di'.... -_-"
He was a pretty nice guy. He went to individual home and picked us up. Then we headed to Mohd Sultan where we had dinner at En Japanese Restaurant. I had my favourite beef carpaccio!! Adn this time, we ordered 2 plates to share! Yum Yum.. I still crave for it....

After dinner, we went over to Beds for beer and KTV!!! Simon was so happy and so enjoy just by sitting there, drinking green tea for the whole nite and listening to songs + played card games together..


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