Sunday, June 14, 2009

Visit to Asian Civilisation Museum - 8 May

Visited the Asian Civilisation Museum with Winnie & Belle. Winnie suggested as they were having the exhibition on THE KANGXI EMPEROR - Treasures From The Forbidden City.

Too bad it was a 'restricted exhibition', meaning we are not allow to take photographs at all. But visiting the exhibition itself already gave us a more insight of the history of Kangxi. A very interesting exhibition worth the time. We spent about 3hrs visiting all the other exhibitions (other than The Kangxi Emperor exhibition).

We reached slightly before 7pm and there was no queue at all. We used our Passion card and enjoyed the 50% off ticket price before 7pm. After 7pm, it is flat 50% off ticket price. Probably that explains the queue below.

They actually do up the lift to look like those ancient china doorway.

Gallery 6 - Kwek Hong Png China Gallery

I am sure most of us would know the famous Kwek's family success story in Singapore.
The China Gallery is named after Hong Leong Group's founder, the late Mr Kwek Hong Png.

Kwek Hong Png left Fujian Province as a penniless teenager for Singapore and subsequently founded the Hong Leong group. [Press Release]

He is indeed a very impressive man worth commemorating.
Saw this at the China Gallery and immediately took a picture of it. Then I told Winnie and Belle that my ancentral history was longer than theirs, so im 'more senior' in this sense. LOLx! (Both of their surname - TAN)
Extracted this from The Kangxi Emperor exhibition: "Son of Heaven, Father of the People"

From the time of the Zhou dynasty (c.1050-256BCE) the emperor was regarded as the sole representative of heaven on earth....

This started from my 'ancestors' era.... I'm a 'Zhou' as well and so that makes me..... Hehee

The Asian Civilisation Museum - went in during 'daylight' and came out to 'dark night'..
Super tired and hungry by the time we were done at the Museum. Walked over to Boat Quay nad had ramen at Kado-Man Jap restaurant. Too hungry, so finished the ramen before I can rem taking a pic of it.. Hehee... After dinner, headed over to Ten Dimension and had a barrel of Ashahi! So Full!


At 10:06 PM, June 15, 2009 , Anonymous Winnilicious said...

-_-" Can u please be more up to date? Kang Xi was how long ago?

At 11:15 PM, June 15, 2009 , Blogger PeaceTaMy said...

dun like that lah... me no time mah,was busy with my 'even-way-outdated' japan photos mah... kekeke... at least im now done with that liaoz... i'm moving on with the rest of May & June's photos!!! Hehee

At 8:37 AM, June 16, 2009 , Anonymous mschorlor said...

i had wanted to go that exhibit too
sunday was the last day
but sat end up going to see flashmob
and sun end up slp whole day

At 9:59 AM, June 16, 2009 , Blogger PeaceTaMy said...

the exhibition is actually worth going, since the ticket fee is only abt $5.. It actually started since Mar, so it's 3 mths oredi lo... So u went to the flashmob ah? Heard that the turn wasn't as good....


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