Monday, March 01, 2010

Post "Sun-Sand-Sea Holiday" Entry

Okay, I am back from my Phuket holiday trip and everything was so wonderful when we were there, we took like a few hundreds of photos in my 4days there, ate & drink so much, dipped in the rooftop pool with panoramic view everyday, relaxing and enjoying every moment of the holiday....

But who knows a nasty situation awaits at the airport when we were due to return on Jetstar 0930hrs (phuket time) flight yesterday morning (1st Mar). Jetstar cancelled the morning flight without giving all passengers ample notice and re-assigned some to the midnight flight (0045hrs phuket time), some to the morning flight and some, maybe not even being re-assigned by their computer "system"!

Like WTH!! We had such a great time at Phuket that we couldn't really bear to leave, but when Jetstar screw up the flight, EVERYONE can't wait to get HOME!

Super pissed off with Jetstar!!!! Totally hate their lousy service and Management and assistance to their passengers in such situation!!

Okay, I'm sooo tired right now, after being left stranded by JETSTAR, walking/sitting/lying around Phuket airport during the last 10hrs (0830 - 1800)! But I'm so glad and relieved to be at the comfort of my home now while many others still awaits at the Phuket Aiport for the Jetstar flight at 0045hrs (1.45am S'pore Time)!!!! But all these for a price of S$320 to get a ONE-WAY return ticket on SilkAir!

Anyways, do you all think Jetstar is gonna do anything rightful, fair & just to compensate the passengers!?!?!? Anyone wanna bet on it??? Ain't budget traveller humans too?? Ain't budget travellers' time precious too??? Are Budget Airline Company, like Jetstart, supposed to be so irresponsible towards their passengers, just because we are not paying that much of what should be paid for a full carrier?? Come on, where's the justice? Where's fairness?

Orite, unhappiness and agony aside, below is one of the many nice pics I've taken on the trip! I'll update another entry all about the enjoyable trip soon! Nite!


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