Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Life should be full of colours!

Super lack in updating blog post!!! Really busy busy busy busy, especially with X'mas around the corner... so many preparations!! But I told myself by hook or by crook I must get this post (which has been sitting in the draft box for the longest time) updated by TONIGHT!!! Orito, so less words, more pics!! Enjoy!!

Life should be full of sweet, pretty colours like these... Dun you just feel happy looking at them!!! =p

And NOT FORGETTING... Life should be full of LOVE too!!! Yay!! Go out & show some love to ppl u care and who care for u too!!! =D
Finally!!!! I'm done with X'mas gift wrapping of 30 over pressies (except a few of them... -_-") !!!!
Yay Yay Yay!!! Relieve!!!!
These are part of the pressies i'm bringing to office, for colleagues.. And part of the gifts, I'v actually oredi brought to the office last Fri!! O_o And the last part of them for my friends are still at home... But so relieved that they're all wrapped & ready for our dinner gathering on X'mas eve!!! Woohoo~~~~
Okies, time to sleep!!!! I'm oredi looking like a walking-zombie due to the lack of sleep!!! =X


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