Thursday, November 11, 2010

Time is SO NOT Enuf!!! =X

Time seems to FLY EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!! They always say, "time past by so quickly when ya having lotsa fun..." or probably "lotsa WORK to do..."!!! =X

Anyways, October was a SUPER busy month for moi... Moi bday (enjoyable much), cousie's wedding (a beautiful wedding), godma's bday (yummy buffet dinner), PCS Conf (tiring but great-shopping-&-clubbing-fun), flea mkt (lousy experience, bad flea organiser), Halloween party (crazy fun) etc..... November is gonna be JUST as busy... So is December!!! But I take it that it's a good thing, cos it just means that there's just lotsa activities going on!!! Yay! =P

And I have so so so so many photos that I haven't had the time to post!!!! And now i've only got time to post some photos, as I really need to go to bed real soon... Had just finished packing luggage and gotta wake up at 530am... I'm gonna go Taipei for a short holiday with The BFF!!! Excited or what!!! =D

30.09.10 - First bday outing for 2010, celebrating with Elmo, Kaya (who finally came back from US after 2 yrs!) @ Noble House

01.10.10 - One of the bday outing (together wif cousie's pre-wedding party) @ Dolly!!
10.10.10 - Cousie's BIG DAY!!
The "Jie Mei(s)"

The "Xiong Di(s)"

20.10.10 - Godma's birthday dinner outing @ Orchard Hotel!! Jas creatively created this "birthday cake"!
22.10.10 - Boss brought us for nice, chinese food at a restaurant opposite of Amari Watergate that we were staying at! Yummy sharkfin & crab vermicelli.. Am missing BKK so much now!!!

30.10.10 - Our "theme" for the Halloween Partay @ Zouk!!!

Gosh, I can barely keep my eyes open while writing this post... Imma gonna "CRASH" immediately after I shut down the laptop!!!

In another 6hrs, I'll be on board a Cathay aircraft, heading towards Taipei via HK!!! Still too tired to get THAT excited abt it!!! My FIRST TIME to Taipei.. But too bad couldn't spend more days there, just 4 days, but it's still good enuf!! If it's fun, i'm sure there's chance to go back again!!!!

Let's just hope the weather there will be nice and COOL!!!! =)


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