Friday, March 09, 2012

Duffy & Shelliemay

Call me ignorant or noob or wat, but I didn't know about Duffy & Shelliemay until my BFF mentioned to me abt it and my colleague who talked about it too.... -.-

And so, during my holiday trip to Hk last Nov, BFF-Cla bought this little cute one and I decided to buy one for myself and for Bff-Jo too!!! =D
It is indeed very cute... But then, I still prefer it in mini-size! I've brought it to places... Batam was its first overseas trip... Followed by the recent TW holiday last month!! And the next holiday I'm bringing Duffy & Shelliemay to, is to one of my fav country, THAILAND!!! Swa-Wa-Dee-Ka!!!! Yes, I'm going BKK at end-Apr, this year's Co.'s trip! And I'm gonna extend my stay over to Phuket (hopefully) to join my cousie & her hubby + frens! Yay!!! The Land of Smiles >>> I'm coming to you in another 50 days!!! Boy, it's like such a LONG wait!!! =(
Anyways, I got this cutey mini-Shelliemay, courtesy of my dear colleagues AC & CLC, who bought this as souvenir from their Tokyo holiday trip!!! Awwww... So sweet of them!!!! And my, I wish I could go Tokyo too!!!! =\Ain't this mini-duo just SO cute!!! I look at them every night before I sleep.... They're simply adorable!!! Luv em'!! =)Alright, it's late... Gotta work tmr.... Sweet Dreams..... Maybe I'll dream of lazing around some nice resort at the Land of Sand, Sea, Sun & Smile!! ;)


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