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Clarice's Birthday Celebrations - 9 & 13 May

Our "Ms Late a.k.a Ms Ice Queen a.k.a Ms Popular" etc, celebrated her "18th" Birthday (actual day is 13 May) a week before actual day...

Sat 9 May @ Dyke's Semi-D, Sembawang
For our 'group', our first celebration was on 9 May, a BBQ session at Dyke's newly moved in semi-D Roof Terrace!!! He is extremely hospitable & so so very nice to arrange for everything (BBQ food, Griller, Drinks, Alcohol, Tables, Chairs etc...) and we just need to turn up, help to set up and start to BBQ, eat & drink!!!

We gotta climb up 4 storeys to reach the roof terrace... Pity those poor guys who have to run up and down so many times to bring up the food, chairs, tables, drinks etc... *mischievous grin*
Dyke's younger sister's room... So 'princessee' right... and so clean & tidy!!
Birthday gal, Clarice wanted 'Rainbow Theme' (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet) so we all had to turn up with clothings of any colours found on a rainbow!! I took orange, Bday gal too yellow.. We tried to pre-plan our colour choice, so that we could wear different rainbow colours!!!
Only Grace (in black) is 'exempted' from wearing rainbow colours... Cos she only wear dark coloured clothings.... Jolene in blue...
The view from the roof terrace....
Getting ready the food & drinks, setting up the griller.....

It's now ready to start cooking the food!!! The 'chef' for the night was grace and her assistant chefs were Jolene & Me!!!

Dyke even prepared 'Chocolate Fondue'.... So nice!!!
We were supposed to posed in the way like we were all 'feeding' the Bday gal the marshmallows... But somehow Ms Lim 'fed' me instead lor... *Spoiler* Heheee...
(Too bad Ms Lim came in yellow as well.. Tot she would wear red...)
Suddenly felt abit bo liao, so started taking 'weird pictures' like these....
Tot we were like the F4 female version in Meteor Garden (minus 'male' lead)... We were all supposed to uniformly point in 1 direction but 'spoiler' Jolene pointed abit out of place lor....
Re-took the picture.. And now she pointed in the uniformed directly bt she purposely stick out 2 fingers instead of one... *spoiler spoiler* LOLx
Time for the Sing-Birthday-Song-and-Cake-Cutting-Session!
The 5 of us gals!! Too bad Miki couldn't make it, Ms Tan & Ms Tong didn't attend and Jessica still in USA....

We are all so hot and sweaty!!! See the 'oily-ness' on our faces! =.=
This is a really classic pic! We were all supposed to eat the birthday cake but Ms Lim refused to! So I have to 'force-fed' her and while Ms Liew was taking our picture, the fan happen to blow at us and caused that 'effect' of Ms Lim's hair! And look at her "im-so-unwilling-and-totally-being-forced-to-eat-the-cake" face!!! Hilarious!
By the time when this photo was taken, think i'm more or less almost 'gonez' liaoz... I also damn 'gay kiang' lah, not my Bday but I ended being the one 'to-be-carried-home'... Muahahahaha... I am so grateful to my buddies for taking care of me and sending me safely home, in one piece... ;p
(I'm never gonna mix so many different kinds of alcohol in one short night!!! & Ah Goh, dun reali think tat u have won lor!)
We've actually taken many more photos but they are taken using Dyke's professional camera.. He even took video of each of us saying Birthday wishes to Ms Liew! Machiam like during wedding ceremonies where friends & relatives will say their blessings to the newly weds!!! Muahahaha... Maybe Dyke is helping us photo-shop our photos to make us all look sui-sui?? Dunno.. Better check with the rest when we will get the photos from him...
Wed 13 May - WhiteDog Cafe @ Vivo, The Zouk

Ms Liew's actual day. Suggested Whitedog cafe @ Vivo City. Had eaten here once and find that the food was not bad. But sadly, it wasn't that much of a pleasant experience on the food this time. Think the worst was Gerald's bake rice, sux totally! He totally have problem finishing the rice!!! The prok chop I ordered wasn't fantastic too and the meat was really hard!!!
'Lively' Ms Lim & 'Mischevious' Jolene
'Cheeky' Ms Tan & 'Cheerful' Ms Tong

'Simple' Me & 'Glam' Ms Liew

Ordered this Tiramisu cake from Bakerzin. Actually, their strawberry shortcake or chocolate hazelnut cake looks more delicious, but Ms Tan doens't take strawberry & Ms Liew have had enuf of chocolate cakes for her previous celebrations!!! LOLx


After dinner,we debated for a long long long time where to go, either St James or the (originally planned) Zouk. But as it was a weekday, Gerald, Ms Tan & Ms Lim wanted to go back early and rest (DUH!) whilst the 3 of us, Ms Liew, Jolene & Me managed to convinced Ms Tong to stay with us.. In the end, we went to...... ZOUK!!!

I still remembered the last time we ever went to Zouk was last year's Halloween, which wasn't really a pleasant outing as it was too overcrowded and hot and stuffy!!! But this time was just a typical Mambo night, so it was still alright...

We all had our bag checked-in at the Bag counter, thus we didn't bring our camera in to take pictures!!!! So we make do with Ms Tong's nokia phone (duno wat model), which at least had flash light!!

We started off with Vokda orange (it was 1-for-1 from 9pm to 12mn) where Ms Liew and Jolene finished up 1 jug so fast when I'm just 1/4 into my drink!!! After that Ms Liew's friend Mic joined us and we continued with bottled beers.... Awhile later, we went down to the dancefloor and bumped into Jolene's cousin's husband who gave them Long Island Tea (Ms Liew drank like 1/3 jug of it)!!!! This is the state that Ms Liew ended up in....But she didn't ended us as bad as how i ended up during her BBQ session... Hehee... So now I 'return the favour' to take care of her and send her back safely. (Thanks to her friend Mic, who is kind enuf to drop all of us back to our places at West side, thou he's like staying at the East!!) So nice right.... Kekeke...

Bumped into my 'distant cousin' that night then went to members' with Jolene & Ms Tong to join him for awhile... Geez.. The members' area was actually so packed and much more crowded than the outside area!!! WTH!!! Anyways, during our short conversation, realised that my distant cousin' had the same Birth Date as Jolene! Yes, same Day/Month/Year! Knew him for like so many years but never knew his birthday! That's why we're called "Distant Cousins", related by marriage of my aunt, to his uncle... Overall, it had been a great night out! I totally enjoyed with the gals (even the part where we had to take care of Ms Liew!)... CHEERS!!! ;p


At 8:36 AM, June 16, 2009 , Anonymous mschorlor said...

wah so jealous
wat a nice beautiful house to see stars !

At 9:57 AM, June 16, 2009 , Blogger PeaceTaMy said...

ya lor.. I'm also damn envy him lor... But then the climbing of stairs to roof terrace (it's at 4th storey!) is a little bit tiring... hehee..

At 12:18 PM, June 16, 2009 , Blogger Mat`amiT said...

nice to watch people having fun :D

At 1:34 PM, June 16, 2009 , Blogger PeaceTaMy said...

thanks Mat`amiT! Well, everyone enjoys having fun, especially with fun ppl!! *Happy Happy*


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