Monday, June 15, 2009

Gerald's Birthday Celebrations - 21 & 23 May

Gerald's actual day was on 23rd of May which is a Sat and we are going to drink our hearts out to celebrate for her! But before that on Thu 21 May, my usual group of friends had a birthday dinner celebration for Gerald. We went to Akashi @ Paragon for dinner...
21 May - Akashi Japanese Restaurant @ Paragon
The 'all-smiley' Gerald!!! My buddies were so sweet, they bought a nice chocolate cake for Gerald!!!

Posing - Say 'Teeth', I mean 'Cheese', for the camera!!!
Posing again - 'Teeth'..., I meant 'Cheese'.... And not forgetting.... A group photo before we go off.....

*Not ready*
*Ready* - A Final CHEESE!!!!

23 May - Dinner @ IMM Long Beach, then Yin's Place @ Kampong Bahru

Sumptous treat by Jasmine's boyfriend, for Gerald's Birthday!!!

@ Yin's Place

Think we had a total of like 5 barrels of beer....

*Act Cute #1* - Posted this picture on my FB profile & was told I am so so 'extra', so I removed it... -_-"

*Act Cute #2* - Left was 'special guest for the night', cousin Phyllis & my 'bf' Armani Poh!
Favourite of ALL TIME!!! I had this cake for my own birthday for like duno how many times already, think at least thrice??
Iam so greedily staring and waiting for the cake to be distributed to me!!! I'm waiting, I'm waiting, I'm waiting..... ;p

Why am I always the fat & greedy one??? =.=
*Do.Re.Mi* Just the 3 of Us!I 'hate' her!!! How come only Joanne can have this healthy-looking tan, long slender arms & legs, so tall, have such radiant smile & is so photogenic?!?!? My greedy 'other half'.... *Act Cute #3* - This time, it's not ME who is the 'act cute' one... LOLx
*Act Cute #4* - Okay, there I go again..... Cousin Duncan also erm... abit 'act cute'??? -_- *Act Cute #5* - ME in 'action' again.... Wonder who's fingers was that!?!? Trying to recall who wore white sleeved shirt that night... Hmmm....
*Act Cute #6* - Gosh! Belle is so so so super fair!!! Check out the 'black sandwiching the white'!!
Belle has such beautiful big bright eyes... I shouldn't have been so lazy to put on my fake eye lashes!!!! Arghhhh!!!

Belle is forever so ready for the camera! Where was I looking at!?!?!?!?

Not forgetting, a group photo of 'the girls'!!!! 'Teeth'.... Oops, I mean, 'CHEESE'......

*Act Cute #6* - @ this point, I couldn't really remember what were we up to, when posing for this picture???? *Act Cute #7* - Hmmmm, took me awhile to remember taking this photo... Hahaha... Nope, wasn't drunk lah, just tipsy (as usual)...... So the saying: "it's not where you are but who you are with!" totally applies to us!!! The place wasn't exactly a nice place to hang out, but we all sure have great fun together!!! So you see, it's really about WHO you are with.... And I think most credit goes to..... ME?!!? Agreed!?!?!? LOLx


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