Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Rest of the Activites in the month of May

So many activities! Didn't really have time to sort out and post up the photos soon. I just got 'lashed' by friends that I am so 'OUTDATED'!!! But finally, I am now finishing up on the postings of May's activities then I will be able to move on to June's!!! I am so catching up already!!! Yippie!!

10 May - Mother's Day Dinner

Was having a super bad hangover after a night's out and couldn't really eat much at all!! So wasted!!! In the end, Jas gotta 'struggled' alone to finish up the crab..


15 May - Farewell Drinks Session for Jens, Harry's @ The Sail

A few of us shared 3 buckets of this Harry's house beer. It wasn't too bad, just lighter in taste and slightly more gassy. After the drinks, headed down to Lau Pa Sat for our dinner/supper. Initially we all thought of going to another place for more drinks, end up we all went back to Jens cosy apartment for some drinks and chat... Goobye Jens, we shall all 'miss' you... Haha.. Good luck to you ah, wherever you may be and whatever you will do!!! Cheers!!!

Jens is the one in black, standing...

The PCS 'Drinkers' The PCS 'Drinkers', except Jens who has transferred to BD last Nov and that good-looking baldy guy is Gaya's "special friend"... LOLx


22 May - Dinner @ Marina Square, Pasta de Waruku

Prawn Combo

Tomato Scallop & Bacon - first time I tried a tomato-based pasta at Waruku.. It was not bad, just a little bit dry..

This spicy prawn pasta looks quite nice ya, but if I don't remember wrongly, it doens't taste that good...


27 May - Sheryl's Birthday Lunch @ The Cathay

I LOVE the custard bun here!!! And they have promo for lunch, ala carte menu 20% off from Mon-Fri... So value for $$$ lor!!!!!! I'm going there in 2 weeks time, for my granny's bday!! Yippie!!

30 May - Anchorpoint/Ikea & Pasir Ris Park

Was at Anchorpoint buying wine for our chill out session at night and I saw these swett, pretty baby pink bottles! They are actually some kinda vodka drink, specially meant for girls! Coolz! I shall try that some day...
The famous Ikea Meatballs! I remembered the first time I ever ate the meatballs and thought it was totally nice, was like 6-7years ago... Sicne then, whenever I go to Ikea, I will definitely order this dish. Nothing much changed over the years (thou i felt it tasted much better back then), except that the meatballs have shrinked about 1/3 of its original size.. Probably cos of the shrinking of the economy?? Yes, no, maybe???

Seems that almost every table of people ordered this tasty looking friend chicken, so we ordered 1 plate to try.. Ermm, actually nothing really that fantastic and I think it cost like $2 each??? But overall, still quite alright lah...

Went to this place at Pasir Ris Park (forgot what's the name of the place) to relax and had a barrel of beer... It was drizzling before that so we almost couldnt make it the this place.. Not too bad, luckily it wasn't that warm that night...

There was this couple sitting besside us (see the guy in white at the background), not sure if they are quarrelling or just arguing over some matters or simply just drunk on their beer... The guy looks angry and the gal looks sad...
For every barrel of beer ordered, there will be this free tiger beer glass given... coolz... Esther was damn cute, she said we should order 1 more barrel so that we will get another of this glass... O.o

Alrighto! I'm done with my May's updates!! I can post June's updates soon! I am so catching up with time lo... LOLx... ;p


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