Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kenix's Wedding @ Fullerton Hotel 09.09.09

So sweet!!!

Us Gals!!!

The Guys!!!

The VIP table, so grand & big!! Nice!!

With the Gals...

Apparently, we all didn't really change much since poly days!! (I'm referring to physical appearance!)

Kena 'caught' camwhoring!!! LOL

Had asked one of the guys to help us take a photo... and i duno why he only took half of us???? LOL

Luckily, we still have another 'complete' group photo!!! Hahaha...
Fullerton's ballroom is reali spacious and nice decor.. But it's longish-rectangular room layout made those ppl sitting at the far-end corner unable to see much of the stage and where the bride & groom marched in... The food was so-so only lo.. I still prefer Conrad's!! ;)


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