Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Outdated Post: Miki's Bday Dinner!

Such an outdated post! LOL... And there are definitely gonna be more of 'outdated posts' coming up!! I'm just so lazy to update post lately!!! ZZzzzZZZzz

Gathered up on 1 Sep for Miki's bday (actual day was 3 Sep but she wasn't free)... She suggested Paulaner cos she said she'd always past by but never had a chance to dine there! Cool choice!! ;p

The life band is different from the usual one that i've seen for the past few yrs... Perhpas it was time for a change?? Or perhaps that usual group wasn't on for that nite??? But this group's not bad too, really... ;)

Our food!!! Well, we're here so German sausages are it!!! Hee....

The Drinks!!!! Miki drank orange juice (i think), cos she's sorta allergy to beer, while Jo drinks cranberry juice (so her!)....

This is the sweet birthday gal!!!
Was seated beside her so 'stole' a shot with her!!! LOL
And last but not least, a group pic!!! (abit blur thou')
And when I posted these pics on FB, Robot commented on why we didn't invite him for this outing since it was his actual birthday on the 1st!!! Oops, Robot, you know we have a reason for not asking you de okies.. Glad you're totally understanding about it!! Hee... Anyways,we did have another separate birthday outing for you & Miki + Feb another day k.... ;p


So many of them... My dearest Daddy, 2 colleagues in the same Division, my Boss, Robot, Miki, Feb & Fang (had a bday outing too & shall post up the pics real soon!)... Coming up are Liang, Tong, Pat, Kel, Jeff, Ivan.... There's alot of birthdays in October too! (including my own!!! LOL) I love October!! Yes, No????? ;p


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