Sunday, September 06, 2009

Blog Posting Layout

I really hate using the new blot post layout. The photos keep going out of alignment when I am editing them and it's so hard to move the texts and the photos around!!!!! And when I try to upload the photos, they are not able to get uploaded onto the blog post all at once and I have to select one-by-one!

This all all making me so irritated and thus, delayed me from updating my blog!!! Arrrgghhhh!!! Now I am so back-dated again!! I have like 1001 photos since end Aug till now to upload lor!!!! And there are more to come!!!! Wahhhhhhh!!!! I;m so so so irritated now!!!!!

I want the old posting layout back!!!! Cos of all the inconvenience now, I can only upload the photos onto my FaceBook!!! Grrrr......

Hmmmmm.... Or is it just me having these problems?!?!?!?!?


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