Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fun Outings with Adel, Vann & Phy

2nd Sept - Dinner @ Aston Prime and Drinks @ Alley Bar
Went to Astons Prime @ Centrepoint for dinner... 'Highly recommended" by WeiJie & HongPeng who has both had great experience there! LOL... The food was actually not bad.. Only thing is the service was a little slow and the waiter mixed up our orders abit... But overall, we had quite a pleasant experience on the food! And it wasn't that expensive actually.. It sure is worth it! Will definitely go back again... ;p

Headed down to Emerald Hill after dinner and decided to settle for Alley Bar.. This is the place we me & Phy used to frequent long long long time ago with a bunch of friends, whom we seldom contact nowadays.. But Alley Bar is reali quite a cosy, nice place to hang out.. Unless it gets too crowded, then it'll be too noisy to chat... Didn't stayed long too, had a drink each and off to home we go!!! And of cos, photo-taking session, not to be missed! ;p And next gathering session with this group shall be for my Bday! I'm so excited!


19th Aug - Powerhouse

Finally managed to arrange for a catch-up session after a long long long time (probably 1 year plus)... Met at Vivo sushi-tei for dinner, followed by a short drinks session at Powerhouse. All of us 'old' already, plus need to work the next day so we didn't stay long, left at ard 10.30pm. It was really a great catch up, just like old times... Glad that we are gonna have more chance of such gathering sessions, the next of which was for Adel's bday celebration!

And not forgetting, our photo-taking session!!!!


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