Friday, March 12, 2010

Just some thots.....

Haven't been updating for the last 10days or so.. didn't even have time to sort out the photos for Phuket trip.. Why so busy???? I'm not sure... been having alot to think about recently as well.. about work, life, r/s, studies, etc... many things in general... alot alot alot in my mind... and i really hate this kinda feeling... feeling so blue.... =X

I guess this doesn't happen to many ppl.. it really takes alot, to be able to learn how to look beyond the imperfections in many things in life, so as to be able to be 'happy'..
I guess loving oneself is actually more important than loving others, cos how would you be able to love others well, when you dun even know how to love yourself???

This is exactly how I feel many a times.. Sometimes, beyond the smiles, the cracking of jokes, the chats of crappy stuffs of anything under the sky, there's still many things that troubled me.. but for me, it's not that there's "nobody" there for me, but I just felt that burdening others with my problems won't solve anything but make others troubled too... so what's the point right...???

I guess afterall, i'm still not smart enough.. I'm just too soft-hearted, in almost anything and everything... why can't I just learn to be like some ppl, totally heck care, dun think so much, maybe be more heartless???


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