Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ho Chi Minh Trip!!! (11-14 Jun'09)

Day 1: 11 Jun

A & EM Hotel. The last time we also stay at A & EM hotel, but another branch at another district.
The room. Not very big, but is spacious enough for 2 person!

The delicious mixed beef Pho!
The famous vietnam coffee 'drip' & 'Soda-chan' (Soda with sugar & lemon)! I love this drink, it's so refreshing!!!


The fresh live prawns became our delicious drunken prawns soup! The prawns are so so juicy & sweet. The soup was superb too!!!! The stir-fry beef (the small plate on the right) is super nice also lor! We ordered 2 plates of it!

This is the signature 'mei cai kou rou'. It's damn fattening but superlicious!!!
I swear it was by coincident that we both brought this "lover's outfit"!!! LOLx
We had their german sausages mixed platter, just like the one we have at Paulaner.

This is also one of the place we SURE come to at HCM. Cos they have such cheap & nice beer!!!!! 5 litres only cost about SGD30++ can! Where to find such deal in Singapore!?!?!?!?!

We had about 1 litre each! Or was it more????

Went to nightclub, Catwalk, after our 4litres of beer @ Lion... They had different sections in the nightclub, we were at the karaoke loungue.

What are they looking at??? TT happily singing away at the back....
Had our supper at the roadside near to the famous Ben Thanh Market. This is a MUST HAVE whenever we go HCM. The pig's blood is very fresh and superlicious!! I just can't get enough of them!! Their mixed meat 'kwey tiao' soup is damn nice too!! I had a bowl of each myself!!!

I am so so so happy!!!!

Day 2: 12 Jun


The BEST wantan mee ever (at least for me lah)!!! Every trip to HCM, it's a MUST to go and eat the wantan mee at least once!!! Both dried and soup are also superlicious!! Normally I have 1 and a half big bowl de... Yummy!!!

Club Royal - Their Game room operates from 11am onwards and nightclub opens at dusk!
They actually converted the cargo lift into a passenger lift!! Coolz right!
Can sit in the lift while waiting to reach upstairs.. Only thing is the lift is abit stuffy lo... luckily the place only have , i think, 3 storey?
There are so many of such machines in the game rooms!! We played 1 which is 'zodiac-themed' (this one in the below pic), 'Phantom of the opera-themed' then another one which is on 'dog-themed'... All in all, spent around 2hrs+ there... and think we 'wasted' around SGD80!!!

This place is famous for their herbal soup! It's really very nice!
See at the pathetically small black chick... I actually felt abit bad after eating it.... -_-"
Teabreak: Went to this FashionTV Cafe, across the street where we did our foot/back massage...
This place is like so cool lo... They had black leather and red velvety sofa seats, so comfy... and best is, they have free wi-fi!! LOL
Vietnamese spring rolls!! Don't like them at all, have a weird taste that I can't get used to it!!!
My 'Fashion Banana Split' (something like that bah...) , quite nice but not fantastic.. And it's not cheap lor...


The flower crabs are very sweet and tasty!
'After-Dinner' Japanese Sashimi & Sushi + Sake

That plate of mini black-shelled snails (i think) are very nice. You gotta use a safety pin to dig out the flesh from the shell. And the sauce they cook them in, is super nice!

Day 3 - 13 Jun

BRUNCH - Chinese Restaurant for Dim Sum!
I am so busy checking out the menu and ticking my orders!!!
The dim sum is really nice lor.... The century egg porridge is nice, the other one, think mixed meat porrigde is not that nice thou, a little bland in taste...
Their egg tarts are lagi best lor!!! The crust is very crispy and tasty, the egg custard is soft and fragrant! I ate 2 of them (after already gobbling down most of the dim sum we ordered...)!!!


TT brought us to this place where they are supposedly damn famous for theif 'whole -mini-chic ken- rice... LOL!!! The fried chicken is just like the size of the mini black chicken! Check out how she is sitting while enjoying her dinner! The tables & chairs at that eatery are like that. Short and small, like those you'll find in kindergardens! Hahaha

At Lion Brewery & Restaurant again!
This is the 5litres barrel! Day 1 when we went, they ran out of the barrel so served us the 1-litre glass.
Parma ham on melon - nice but very saltish if you just eat the ham without the melon.
Oysters Oysters!!! 3 were fresh but 1 was bad and Eug happen to be the one who took the bad one! LOL! So we informed the staff to give us 1 piece of fresh oyster as one of which we had was spoilt! And they did without further questioning! That is what we call, great service!

Was actually busy playing Sally's Spa on my iphone when Est took this shot! In the end, she borrowed my phone to play this game and got 'hooked' !! Haha
After the 5litres of beer @ Lion, we head down to a club, where they have a live rock band that sings mostly english songs (and some filippino songs, as the band's from Phillippines), for a bottle of red wine. Alot of ang mohs & filipinos patronize this club... This place served popcorn, instead of the usualy nuts & crackers, to go with the alcohol! Trying to act cute lor!

Day 4 - 14 Jun

Had our lunch @ this small eatery within a couple of mins walk from our hotel.
The serving of the bowl of noodles soup is rather small, couldn't seem to be able to fill my stoamch! So I ordered another pork chop rice!!! The meat was abit hard thou', but still nice!!
This place is famous for their delicious crab claws and they indeed are very delicious! So is their chicken wings! But the crab claws are not cheap, a plate like this in the picture, cost about SGD15!
Ice Cream for dessert @ Kom Bach Dang
This is their specialty, 'Ice-cream in coconut'!! Very yummy, I finished one myself!! Esther had their 'Topless 5' and she actually couldn't finish hers!

What a fun-filled 'eat-drink' holiday!!! I love HCM for their nice & cheap food + cheap beer! Nothing much to shop thou (as compared to BKK), unless you're going to buy handicrafts stuffs, carpentry, potraits etc... And shopping isn't exactly cheap too and you can't bargain the way you do in BKK!!! Hahaha... If you doesnt want to buy cos the price too high, you walk off and the shop owners can't even be bothered about you at al!! Hahaha.. So HCM is a place to go, if you are into food & drinks!

Oh and if it's you first time visiting HCM, you are highly recommended to take 1 day to visit The famous KuChi Tunnel. I visited that place the first time i went HCM in 2006. Great experience! It's about an hr+ ride from HCM. If i'm free next time, I shall post pictures of my outing to The KuChi Tunnel. It's a really really must go, for the experience!


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