Monday, August 03, 2009

The Whole of July's Activities!!!

I can never really be up to date in my postings.... Quite alot of activities in July, Batam getaway, Hong Kong/Macau trip etc etc... As usual, so many photos to sort out and post... But I'm finally done!! Catching up, catching up.... LOL


Birthday Celebrations - 3 July

Mandarin Hotel Pine Court Dim Sum Buffet

Mum, Jas, me & my 3 cute aunties, brought granny out as a early birthday celebration for her. Wanted to go The Cathay fr their 20% Ala-Carte dim sum lunch but thought the promo was over in July month.. So decided to go Pine court (as Winnie has ever recommended) for the dim sum buffet, which is about $25 per pax after service charge & taxes. Reasonable price I suppose. Food was okay, thou' not fantastic. Great service, probably also becos my mum, who used to work in Manadarin Hotel at least 12yrs ago, knew many of the waitresses whom were working with her since back then...

3 of my best & closest aunties.. the far left dressed in black, is my dearest godma... :)
Complimentary wasabi prawns!!! Nice!!! Complimentary dessert - Sea coconut with jelly & scope of lemon serbet... So cool & refreshing! But the only spoiler, it wasn't cold enough... -_- After lunch ended, we decided to shop around Orchard. Started from Paragon, to John Little, to OG.. Didn't boght much.. But the best buy of the day was the Itto & Otto black-covered-low-heeled shoes that I've eyed on for a while.. It was having 20% discount & OG membership, further 5%!! So happy!! After shopping, head down to BEDS to join Winnie & Linda, for an advanced birthday celebration for Linda aka 'Emo-Queen'... LOL

Linda's Advanced Birthday Celebration @ BEDS
Winnie & Linda, who were both sitting opposite me, had asked me to take a picture for them. But I turned the camera & took my own shot instead!! LOL.. Ended up kena scolded by Winnie.. Hee Left early cos I've to wake up real early for my Batam trip... 3 of us finished 1 barrel in about 1 and a half hour???


Dinner @ Arab Street - 6 July

Had dinner with Winnie @ Arab Street, this restaurant recommended by Tattoo Artist.

They's quite nice decor of the place.. If you notice, there's a straw basket on the floor with a song disc... And that, we realised, is Michael Jackson song disc! But not sure if it's still working anot...
The chicken briyani is reali nice! But some parts of the chicken meat is a little tough thou'... Overall, the food there is nice & not too expensive!! Shall go back another time....

Lunch @ The Queen & Mangosteen - 6 July

Passed by this Bristish restaurant during my many trips down to Vivo... Had always wanted to go try out to food but never had the chance to... Had thought of organsing my birthday dinner there... And now, thanks to PL's generosity, she brought us down for a lunch treat!!! And before we reached the restaurant, we happened to see Li Nanxing, who was doing some filming.. He was pretty friendly, smiling to most passer-bys... Coolz... ;p
1 main caourse each & some side dishes & snacks... This is the Asian pesto chicken I had.. PL strongly recommended this.. Nothing fantastic, to me at least.. Main reason is probably cos I dun like the sauce/gravy bah.. And the fact that the food took some time to come & I'd to gobble down the food within 10mins time as I gotta rush back to office to help my boss arrange a conference call... =X
Hmmmm... Now I'm contemplating if I should still organise my birthday dinner there, or not???


11 July - Karaoke Session & Buffet Dinner

KBox - Cineleisure

Gerald had this voucher that is expiring soon so we organised a karaoke outing.. Chose KBox @ Cineleisure, mistake... We booked the room for 2pm and reached at 150pm. The whole area so so packed with ppl, was so messy and al that. Gerald went to check on our booking& was asked to wait for name to be called.. In the end, the crowd slowly cleared, with new crowd coming in but still not out turn! In the end, we waited for alost 45mins to be showed to our room! Damn irritated. Lousy service, so disorganised & inefficient!!!
Me & 'open r/s' were gobbling most of the 4 bowls of tidbits & were finishing them when wedecided to stop eating... In the end, they DO refill the tidbits so we continued eating happily & decided we should take a picture!
Me, 'open r/s' & Jas (she was 'open r/s' ex-gf)... LOL... we are all so bo liao nah!!! ;p

Hilton Hotel Buffet - Japanese Night

Have came to this buffet thrice already, always never fail to leave me satisfied!!! LOL

It's really very worth it.. The best are the free flow of Sake and super fresh sashimi!!! If you are a lover of what I've just mentioned, this is the buffet you should go to! And it's not that expensive actually, it's about $58 per pax?? Totally worth it!!!

The sweet shrimp are best! Now you see them....

Now you don't!!!! LOL

They have a 'noodles station', where you choose from the different kinds of Japanese noodles and ingredients.. There are 2 soup base, Miso & soy.. Not bad... The chef's very friendly... and actually he said he remembered I was here a few times already... Did he really get the right person? I'm realy not sure... ;p
Check out the pretty mini pastries... And they're tasty too...

The best cheesecake i've ever eaten... at least this is my all-time favourite cheesecake.. Everytime I come for the buffet, I will definitely eat at least 2 slices... I had 3 slices this time...


Moon Bar - 13 July

I wonder what was I looking at when we were taking this picture! LOL
Posing with the cute little asashi cans!!!

M Bar - 31 July

Trying to act cute with Alvin's glasses. I told him his glasses are too small for his face, but he insisted not!! Haha... In self-denial perhaps???? LOL
TT singing with so much feelings.... And Eug is listening with so much concentration...


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