Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Happenings in June!!!!

I am so backdated again!!!! -_-" Too many photos to sort out and too little time to do so! LOL.
Well, at least I'm more or less done updating my June's activities, except for the Sentosa chalet outing, which would be in a new posting! That was one of the best activity here so far!!!

6/7 June - Sis Jas birthday celebration @ Pool Junction
Damn 'happening' night of fun birthday celebration except for, ermmm, an intermittent 'interuption'... LOL... Whatever it is, glad she has enjoyed herself!

The 'killer' Waterfall!!!!


8 June - Met up an 'old friend' whom I've not seen for years. Had dinner at Raffles city Shokudu! I totally love their omelette! 90% of the time I visited, I will definitely have that!

17 June - Met up another 'old friend' for dinner @ this ramen place (don't rem the shop's name) within Robertson Walk. Wanted to go En Jap Rest. & Bar for my favourite beef carpaccio but it was way too crowded! So we ended up heading straight to Beds for beer!!!

Above: My regular Char Siew ramen... Below: Check out my friend's cabbage-beansprouts-filled ramen!!! LOL

I enjoy going to Beds, because it's real spacious here and the hapy-hour beer is cheaper than many other KTV pubs everywhere!! Best thing is, they allow you to pre-order and hold the beer until even after happy hours! Damn best lor! All other pubs should just follow their style isn't it! LOL... Another great thing about this place is... their friendly, young & sweet waitresses! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

18 June - Went TBP to watch 'Land of the Lost', had dinner @ Benppu Mekan! Nice! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

19 June - Boss brought a few of us for lunch and he strongly recommended Old Town Coffee @ECP. So-so only lei...
Celebrated Boss & Rach birthday together, with this nice Blueberry Cheesecake from Swiss Bake! Nice... But I still love my #1 choice of cheesecake -- from Hilton Hotel!!!

Went for dinner @ Hooked @ RailMall, then head down to Denise for wine!
Tried the Salmon confetti a couple of years ago, felt that it was really nice but never reali had the chance to go back to Hooked. Ordered Salmon confetti that night, nice but somehow doesn't have that kinda 'wow-so-tasty' feeling like the first time I had them... The oysters was orite lah, 2 were ok-fresh and 2 were not so... well, it's just about $2 per pc, can't ask for much ya?? while having wine at Denise, I was telling myself "next time I wanna have something like a wine cellar @ my home, probably something like an alcohol-corner..." Heee.... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

20 June - Mummy is cooking her superlicious, specialty laksa for lunch! Ger & Evon helping to shell prawns, while I just watch & take pic! LOL
This, is the all-famous-mummy-specialty-home-cook-LAKSA!! So yummy!!!

Headed down to The Big Eater for sumptuous crab dinner!!!!
Check out that BIG 1-litre glass green apple-sour plum drink! I had 1 big glass myself! Such a nice thirst-quencher! This is their superlicious salted-egg-yolk-crab!! I LOVE it!!!! They were all so nice to me, they let me have most of this dish cos I din prefer the black pepper one, too spicy for me! LOL


24 June - Zouk Mambo! That's the problem when none of us bring camera & did not have a camera phone with flashlight, but still insist on taking photos! LOL
25 June - Headed down to BQ with Winnie to check out if there's anything interesting going on for the S'pore River Festival. Turns out there was nothing much (probably cos it was a Thu), so we ended up at Timbre@Arthouse for beer & Live Band performance!

26 June - Ritz Calrton had this promotion for their lunch buffet at the Greenhouse, so we booked for it a month ago to come & try it out, Disappointing though... =X
If there wasn't this 50% discount promo, I wouldn't even have considered coming here. Not worth the time lei....
Winnie's ex-colleague picked us from Marina Sq & we headed down to Moon Bar @ Keong Siak St for daytime-beer-session!! Had these cute little cans of Ashahi, total of 40 cans consumed!!!


At 11:03 AM, July 11, 2009 , Anonymous Winnilicious said...

DAMN! The buffet pic u took for me. The face is superliciously round. -_-"

& why didn't I have a pic with my "future hubby", Javier?!?!?!

At 12:15 PM, July 11, 2009 , Blogger PeaceTaMy said...

Errmmmmm.... Then do u want me to remove the pic??? =.=

Hmmm, cos u never say wan to take pic with him lor... ;p

At 12:27 AM, July 13, 2009 , Anonymous Winnilicious said...

Remove??? No need la. Fat is fat. Remove liao also still fat.

Errr.. 3 months later?


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