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Ice-Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Went to Vivo to watch Ice-Age 3 (the normal version, not 3D) last Friday. The show was damn entertaining can!!! I laugh throughout the whole show lor... Haven't really been watching much animation (think I didn't even watch part 2), but this is reali damn funi!!! Kids love them, adults love them too!!! This is really an entertaining show for everybody!! The next show to look forward to is "Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince". Checked the ticketing for the official opening of the show on 16 Jul and was darn shock to see that most cinemas with time slots btw 6-7pm are already almost filled up! Even that 'renowned to be ulu' TBP GV also going to be full!!! WTH!!! Now I can only try my luck for GV Grand which still have half the cinema seatings left... Really hope that I can watch Harry Potter before I leave for my HK trip on Fri.... PLOT

Ellie (Queen Latifah) and Manny (Ray Romano) are expecting their first child, and Manny is obsessed with making life perfect and safe for the family. At the same time, Diego (Denis Leary) finds himself unable to catch a gazelle he has been stalking and decides to leave the herd, believing that he is losing his predatory nature as a tiger. Sid (John Leguizamo) grows jealous of Manny and Ellie and “adopts” three apparently abandoned eggs that he finds in an icy underground cavern. Manny tells him to put them back, but Sid instead looks after the eggs, which hatch into baby Tyrannosaurus the next morning.

Although Sid tries his best to raise the three dinosaurs, their rambunctious behavior scares away all the other animals’ young and ruins a playground Manny built for Ellie’s baby. A female Tyrannosaurus, Momma, whose eggs Sid stole, soon returns and carries both Sid and her youth underground, with Diego in pursuit. Manny, Ellie, Crash, and Eddie (Seann William Scott, Josh Peck) follow as well and discover that the icy cavern leads to a vast jungle populated by dinosaurs thought to be extinct. Here, an Ankylosaurus threatens the herd despite Diego’s efforts to fend it off; they are saved from a further crowd of angry reptiles by a one-eyed, slightly crazed weasel named Buckminster, or Buck (Simon Pegg).

Buck has been living in this jungle for some time and is chasing Rudy (a huge white Suchomimus), intending to avenge the eye he lost to it. He agrees to lead the herd through the jungle’s perils to Lava Falls, where Momma has taken Sid and her babies. In the meantime, Sid and Momma try to outdo each other in feeding the offspring; he loses this contest, but is soon welcomed into the family regardless. The next day, however, Rudy attacks the family and Sid is knocked onto a loose rock slab that is floating on a river of lava and about to plummet over the falls.

As the herd moves toward Lava Falls, Ellie goes into labor and a Guanlong pack strikes, causing a rock slide that separates her from Manny and Diego. Manny doubles back to protect her and Diego fends off further attacks, while Buck takes Crash and Eddie ahead to rescue Sid. Just as the sloth goes over the falls, the trio swoops in on a commandeered pterosaur and saves his life. While reaching Ellie, Manny hears the cry of the newborn baby, then sees that it is a girl. He wants to name her Ellie, or Little Ellie, but Ellie instead names her Peaches after the fruit (the codeword they had chosen for Ellie to use if she went into labor during the trip). Sid is saddened at the fact that he never had a chance to say goodbye to "his" children as he returns to the herd and learns of Peaches' birth.

Before they can exit the jungle, Rudy attacks at full force; Buck helps the others ensnare him briefly, but he escapes and resumes his onslaught. The herd is saved by the timely arrival of Momma, who charges at Rudy and knocks him off a cliff. As she and her children wish Sid well, Buck – now without a purpose in life since Rudy is gone – decides to join the herd and live on the surface. However, a distant roar tells him that Rudy is still alive; he changes his mind and sends the herd home, blocking off the path to the underground jungle at the same time so that no one else can go down there. Manny and Ellie welcome Peaches into their frozen world and admit that Sid did a good job looking after Momma's children (though Manny admits to Diego there was no chance Sid would ever babysit his daughter). Diego decides to remain with the herd, while Buck stays where he wants to be: underground, battling it out with Rudy.

Scrat and Scratte
As in the previous Ice Age films,
Scrat (Chris Wedge) does everything he can to retrieve his precious acorn. His efforts are complicated by the presence of Scratte (Karen Disher), a female of his species, with whom he is instantly smitten. Scratte outsmarts him a number of times, once by demonstrating her ability to glide like a flying squirrel, but the two eventually fall in love after Scrat saves her from falling to her death in the lava river. He even chooses to focus his attention on her instead of the acorn until the end of the film, when he tires of her finicky nature and reverts to his old ways. The ensuing fight between the couple leads to a volcanic explosion that hurls Scrat and the acorn back to the surface, leaving Scratte trapped underground. However, as Scrat is about to enjoy his acorn, a stray piece of ice falls on him and knocks the acorn back into Scratte’s hands. He screams in frustration, having lost both his love and his acorn.


At 2:59 PM, July 15, 2009 , Anonymous Jemsen said...

Yes, I enjoyed Ice-Age 3 very much since I am No. 1 fan of dinosaurs. Absolutely hilarious, I watched on 3D, a bit costly, but it is really worth it! Do drop by my blog when u r online, pls click the Hyundai ads for me, accumulating $$ for next animated movie "Ups". Tks :D

At 3:01 PM, July 15, 2009 , Anonymous iriene said...

I truly enjoy this movie, very entertaining! Tks for sharing, do visit when u r online, tks and take care!

At 3:17 PM, July 15, 2009 , Blogger PeaceTaMy said...

>>>Jemsen: Yes yes, i'm waiting for that too, should be out ard 1st week aug.... enjoy!! by the way, checked out ur blog, u're quite a movie fanatic too! by the way, i dun see the hyundai ad lei....

At 3:23 PM, July 15, 2009 , Blogger PeaceTaMy said...

>>>> iriene: glad we ALL enjoyed Ice-Age!!! thks for dropping by... cheers! ;p


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