Thursday, July 09, 2009

Sentosa Chalet & Cafe Del Mar Cleo Party

PCS Sentosa Chalet & BBQ Outing + Cleo Party @ Cafe Del Mar!!!! (26-28 Jun)

Finally, we reached Sentosa and checked in to our chalet at evening time, straight after our 'daytime drinking session' @ Moon Bar (refer to previous post on Happenings in June)!!!

Decided to head down to Cafe Del Mar for some snacks and drinks!!!
Look at me and you know how tired we actually were... But it's a Friday night, it's "Booze Nite"!!! Also didn't drink too much, ordered a bucket of 5 heineken bottles to share! Check out my 'dreamy eyes'... And coincidentally, we had brought along this similar green-coloured top, so we decided to wear the same as if that's Lover's outfit!!! Kekekeke The sandwich and chicken wings are both nice, but serving seems a little small??? After our drinks @ Cafe Del Mar, we decided that it was too warm so we should go take a dip at the chalet's pool, while waiting for aline & choo to reach! It was too late at night and dark, so I took a pic of the pool the next day...

The chalet's pool! Quite nice right... Shaped like a kidneybean... ;p
Went for our brunch @ the chalet's foodcourt. After that aline & choo went out to choo's house to collect the curry her mum had cooked and at the same time buy some stuffs then wait for some of the rest to come in together..

In the meantime, me & winnie wanders around while waiting for the 2pm Cleo party @ Cafe Del Mar.....

We walked near to the main tram station, where we passed by the Songs of the Sea performance venue.. We are all gonna watch it later @ night after our BBQ!!!

After that we 'landed' at Bikini Bar where they were having this Sapporo beer promo from 11am onwards... 2bottles for 15 bucks! damn cheap can! Sapporo is one of the best beer to drink! It's nice nice nice!! and drinking ice cold beer on a hot sunny afternoon.... Ecstasy!!!!!!

We had about 4 bottles at Bikini Bar and see that it is time for us to slowly walk back to Cafe Del Mar!! We were actually abit kiasu and wanted to make sure we reach just before 2pm, in case there are too many ppl!!! Turns out there weren't actually that many ppl attending this party. We really wonder what's with the poor attendance??? We were really expecting it to be hell of a party and crowd!!!
For this Cleo Party, we were encouraged to wear pink, where both being spontaneous, already brought our pink tops for this party!! See!!! But we realised there were many others who didn't lo.... We got a goody bag form Cleo on our way in... It contains a Cleo Magazine July edition (obviously), some random vouchers, a necklace, 2 'pink drink' coupons & O.B sample tampons!!!! There was this tattoo studio, SharkTattoo, booth inside,doing airbrush tattoos!! Fun! we went for it and I did a Pegasus on my (fat) thighs, while winnie did dolphins at her ankle!!!
Nice right... I really like this Pegasus and had contemplated so hard whether to really make this as my new tattoo!!! In the end,I did not, but went ahead with just a little 'extension works' to my existing butterfly.... I'm still thinking of this Pegasus thou'... -_-
The 'pink drink' + 1-for-1 promo beer we ordered!!!
Check out the foamy pool!!! It was super hot & sunny, great but it just make u feel so warm and sticky.. Don't you think the pool looks so welcoming?????
Preparing to go for the dip in the cool pool!!!
Into the pool I go!!! I think i 'jumped' into the pool within split seconds? Took off my top, quickly hopped over and 'splash'! Into the pool I 'hide' (my fats)!!!! Wahahahahaha... But not forgetting to bug them to take pictures for me!!! LOL
There was some kinda beer drinking competition going on at the other side of the pool.. We were all thinking "we should take part what!" LOL
Ooohhhh.... So cool... what a great feeling on a hot sunny day! And still not forgetting, sipping cold beer!!! Not forgetting to 'act chio' before I start my 'tough assignment' of BBQ-ing!
Randomly posing for the camera. Isn't they be helping out instead??? O.o
Hmmmm... Wat's the 'commontion'??? Everyone wants to help set up the fire ah????

'Woman @ Work'! Check out my muscular arms!! LOL
'Working hard'! But still not forgetting to smile for the camera!
Im so 'oily' after standing at the BBQ pit for a long time lor... still, photo taking can't be missed.. ;p Went to watch Songs of the Sea after our BBQ session!

The laser show!
The Fireworks! I still feel that it slightly differs from the one I watched 2yrs ago.... Think the one I watched last time was like a more spectacular fireworks show lei.... Hmmmm....
Not forgetting a group photo once we are outta the show!
Goodbye Sentosa Costa Sands Chalet!
It was a really fun-filled outing with the gals, especially the cold beer & cool pool @Cafe Del Mar!! We so want to go back again!!!! Probably should start planning now and check out the chalet's availabilty (they are almost always full!!!!!)......


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