Sunday, July 05, 2009

This is so Nerve-Wrecking!!!!!

UPDATE2: The 'weirdest thing' has happened!!!! I just switched on my desktop PC and successfully uploaded photos onto my blog! Then how come it failed, when me & my sister, both used laptops to do so??? We do not have such problems at all in the past, we have been happily uploading phtos using laptops until last week! *Weird Weird Weird* Anyone know why??? So in the meantime, we are both going to be using my desktop whenever we are going to upload photos onto blog. Boy am I so glad that I brought this 'old HP cpu' home and so glad that Jas helped me successfully set up internet connection!!!
UPDATE1: Weird thing is, I just tried uploading photos at office and it works! Told my sister (who is at home) to try again but she is still unable to do so! Does it mean that there is something wrong with our network at home??? It's weird isn't it??? We were both using laptops at home, trying to upload photos but failed. Tonight I shall try to upload photos using my desktop instead & see if it works. Anyone know whether the network will cause problems uploading photos from blogspot? Doens't seem logical, right? Furthermore, there is no problem with our connection, we can still use Facebook, Email etc etc. *confused confused confused*
Can someone tell me WHY I CAN'T UPLOAD PHOTOS @ BLOGSPOT!!!!!!

I usually upload the direct way, through blogspot, when I write a new post. I have not updated any photos to my blog recently as I was rather busy and I was suppose to upload photos taken for June's activities.

I have finally gotten the time to do so this evening, but I was informed by my sister that she has been unable to upload photos to her blog since the past few days and is still trying to do so, to no avail!

And I have wasted so many hours trying to figure out another way to upload the photos!!! So my friend suggested using other ways to upload photos and I signed up for a photobucket account.

Before that, I tried going to Picasa album to upload the photos through there. But each time it tells me successfully uplooaded but it NEVER gets to my posting!!!! WHY WHY WHY!?!?!?!?!? And when I copied the embedded link and paste onto my blog post, the photos get aligned only to the left and when you click on that photo, it gets linked direct to my Picasa and I DUN WANT IT THIS WAY!!!!! Now I cannot post my photos the way I like it and this is so infuriating!!!!

So I used photobucket. PROBLEMATIC TOO!!! I edited the photos in Photobucket (e.g the orientation and resizing..), saved the changes and copied the embedded code & paste at my blog posting, but the photo is still so HUGE & WRONG SIDE UP (i had already rotated the picture in photobucket!!!)

So both also have problems - the photo gets upload into Picasa/Photobucket, but it NEVER gets posted nicely onto my blog spot !!!!! ARRGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!! How pek chek can this get!!!!

I was never really good at all these, but blogspot have been giving ease of uploading photos all these while, until these few days!!! What is wrong man!!!??? WHY HUH???!!!???? I want to be able to easily upload my photos, fuss-free!!!!! I want! I want! I want!!!!

I have tonnes & tonnes of photos for the whole of June to upload!!!! AARRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!

Anyway, last note. When I went to Picasa to check out my photos record, I got this error pop up window saying "Stack overflow at line: 0". Anybody know what it means, please????? Is this what is affecting me from uploadong photos @ Blogspot????

BLOGSPOT, please dun fail on me right now lor!!!! Please WORK, WORK, WORK, hopefully by tomorrow!!! In the meantime, perhaps I should contact Administrator for advice!!!

COULD SOMEONE ENLIGHTEN / HELP ME PLEASEEEEEE!!!!!!?!???????!?!?!?!?!??!?! -_-"

So in the meantime, I'll just update more of my *TWITS TWITS*!!! Follow me HERE lah!?!?!? I think I update Twitter more than my blog nowadays, cos it's so fast, easy, convenient, fuss-free, 'on-the-go', etc etc....!!! So wht are you waiting for!!! Sign up for a Twitter account (if you still doesn't have one) and have fun!!!!


At 5:04 PM, July 06, 2009 , Blogger Mat`amiT said...

well...never had ur prob before so don't know why it happened...u could post a question about the prob to blogspot in their help section

At 5:38 PM, July 06, 2009 , Blogger PeaceTaMy said...

hi hi, thks for your advice... the funi thing now is, i tried to upload photos using my office com and i have no problem at all. so i told my sis who is at hm now, to try and she still can't upload successfully! has it got somethign to do with our home network?? weird right... hmmmm... =.=

At 8:16 PM, July 08, 2009 , Blogger thaiib0y said...

they just had these problem recently .. so it's not your computer it's the blog .. u can either wait till they fix it or don upload anything at all ... while waitin u can either use other uploader like photobucket or picoodle ..

At 12:13 PM, July 09, 2009 , Blogger PeaceTaMy said...

hi thaiiboy... yeap yeap, i realised me & my sister are not the only ones facing this problem! hope it's not becos blogspot server is going to crash or what, as wat some have speculated! Hee... Thx for ur advice ya! LOL


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