Monday, September 28, 2009

Dearest Daddy Birthday Celebrations

13 September - Pre-birthday lunch buffet gathering @ Saruka in Science Centre...
Wide variety of food, not too bad... only about $25 per pax.. Quite worth it actually... ;)
Best Parents in the World! See how cute they are!
Cutest & Best Granny in the World!!!

My favourite pretty aunts!

Best Godma in the World! (the 'extra' behind is cousin Vincent! dun play play, he's commando unit one lor!)

Best sibling in the World!! (@ least to me lah!) But smile until quite '勉强' hor! LOL

Best younger sister! (with her bf...)


18 September - Dinner @ CC Coffeeshop

Our Sumptous Dinner!!! (and Dad's Bday cake..)
Happy Birthday Dearest Daddy!!!


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