Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Take Note: Article for Beer Lovers!!!!

Some smart college kids actually did an analysis on the different kind of beers on their calories/carb and alcohol content! Just read on and decide which beer you'd wanna order the next time you're on a night's out! =p

But the only thing is that we only have Beck's, Budweiser, Corona, Stella Artois, Heineken and Guinness (which are listed in this article) here!!! LOL.. So, I have omitted the rest of the beer analysis which ain't that applicable to S'pore... We probably never heard of most of them anyways! Hah.. For the full list, you may always refer to the link to the original article.. =)

---------------------- Extracted from Article ----------------------

- Beck's Light (64 cal, 3.8% alcohol, 140.4 cal/alcohol oz) - After we finished this breakdown, we started drinking Beck's Light. And while I didn't love it at first, it's growing on me. Sure it smells a little skunky even when it's fresh. Yes, it's far more expensive than the domestics. And sure, it only comes in bottles requiring an opener to get the lid off (which is a problem, for while we haven't outgrown binge drinking or flip cup, we have outgrown bottle opener keychains and Reefs with bottle opener soles). But it's doing the job. And it's doing it far, far better than any other beer on this list. The calorie-to-alcohol ratio is spectacular to the point of almost being unnatural. I don't know how the Germans did it but, to paraphrase one of the Shamwow Guy's non sequiturs, you know the Germans always make good products.

- Budweiser Select (99 cal, 4.3% alcohol, 191.9 cal/alcohol oz) - I don't think anyone really understands the point of Budweiser Select. Maybe it's like the Coke Zero of the Bud family, if Budweiser is Coke and Bud Light is Diet Coke. But it doesn't taste like Bud Heavy at all. So I don't know. And how does Bud Dry fit into the equation? You know, ALL of these issues would be completely clarified if they hadn't killed off the Bud Bowl.

- Corona Light (109 cal, 4.5% alcohol, 201.9 cal/alcohol oz) - I really like Corona Light. To make my THIRD soda analogy of this list, it's the Diet Dr. Pepper of light beers... it tastes the most like the original. It's definitely the best choice when you're at a Mexican restaurant. Tecate is the worst -- it finished ranked 180th on our list, with 146 calories and only 4.6% alcohol.

To wrap this up with a few other popular beers, Coors Light ranked 19th, Amstel Light 21st, Stella Artois 25th, Bud Light 30th, Busch Light 31st, Colt 45 71st, Bud Heavy 83rd, Heineken 96th, Coors 107th, PBR 115th, Red Stripe 117th, Hefeweizen 124th, Guinness 145th, Corona 165th... and in dead last place, O'Doul's.

[ETA, 10:17 am: A reader named Ryan pointed me to a website called GetDrunkNotFat, which seems to, pretty much, have done this exact same thing. Although their data for Beck's Light is wrong, which throws off the whole balance of the list. The crazy thing is, we Googled this before we started working on it and didn't find them. But you can check them out to see how mixed drinks factor into this equation.]

---------------------- End of Article Extracted ----------------------

The saying goes..... "Life for Beer, Beer for Life"!!! Cheers.....

"Beer is proof that GOD Loves us and wants us to be HAPPY!" ~ Benjamin Franklin ~


At 1:07 PM, October 22, 2009 , Blogger Mr. J @ said...

i loke Heneiken. hahaha.

At 1:23 PM, October 22, 2009 , Blogger kenwooi said...

but i rarely drink.. =P

At 2:07 PM, October 22, 2009 , Anonymous kennhyn said...

want to write for us @ , since you like beer...


At 7:35 PM, October 22, 2009 , Blogger darkprince said...

i only like sweet drinks XD , beer = pahit ,not my type wakaka

At 2:36 PM, November 11, 2009 , Blogger About Pret-A-Partay said...

I hate beer!!


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