Sunday, October 18, 2009

Something interesting, extracted & reblogged! =)

I've been really outdated on my postings. The last quarter of the year are always 'busy period' for many, including myself. This year in particular, I have been really busy almost every week, since September. Good thing is that I'm so occupied with happy activities all the time, but bad thing is that I have lack of quality rest, resulting in the panda eyes, terrible eyebags & serious fatigue. =.=

Alright, enjoy the below images then ('stole' them off Sop Sop's blog again! LOL). Anyways, I shall find time to post about my recent activities (Sep-Oct), once I managed to finish sorting out the photos! =p

These 2 are really good.. Quite inspirational.. =)

This is what many of us may be feeling... I feel this way too...

I really love this one..

This message is a really good one, to reach out to all those drunk drivers!
Last but not least.....


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