Friday, March 26, 2010

Collection of Cuddles

Most gals (I DID NOT say ALL) love cuddly toys... Moi is definitely one of those who LOVE em'!

Did housekeeping just before CNY & cleaned up all my "babies" a little... Most are given by family, friends, lovers, colleagues.. Only a handful of them, I bought myself.. Cos it's easy u see, with so many 'special occasions' (e.g B-day, V-Day, Xmas & Anniversay if any, etc) in the year where u can 'hint' ppl to buy these for you... LOL...

These are given to me by my dearest godma, either on b-days, Xmas or sometimes when she see cute ones while overseas & thought of moi.. cos she knows I love all these beary-beary stuffs... so nice!

These are from The BF... Except for the mini pink panther (bought during one of our BKK trip) & cutey-furry-lamb (bought for me during his Korea holiday trip), the rest are bought for me, some sort as a form of 'appeasing' me after making me upset/angry lor... but well, still sweet enuf le bah... LOL

"Once upon a time" Warner Bros stuffs were SOOOOOOO popular!!! I remembered back then in Wisma, they actually have this BIG Warner Bros shop (at the previous Topshop shop space)... I particularly LOVE Tweety Bird so I actually have 4 of them (mini, small, med, big), but I gave away the big one many many years ago... =p

And these are the rest of them, some I bought myself, some from friends, some are "freebies" etc etc.. I kept those mini-doggies & mini-sesame street characters bought from Mac's.. Last time when there was the Hello Kitty craze, I had many many sets of them too, but gave them all away when I shifted... Quite sad actually, cos some are rather hard to get (queued at Mac's for many hours de lor..)!!!

I especially love the astroboy & big-bird (I bought this 2 myself), the little carebear (nice-colleague bought for last year's bday) and the Tatty-Bears.... just LOVE em' so much!!! Afterall, I'm still just like a 'little-girl-at-heart'! LOL!! I will still love all these cuddly cuddly toys, no matter how old I am or will be... Heeee!!!


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